The Violet Flame Decrees and Course in Karmic Clearing

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The Violet Flame Decrees and Course in Karmic Clearing


Coming Soon...this course combines two of my loves...Healing with the Violet Rays of Light for Karmic Clearing and Violet Flame Decrees. 

Theresa will cover the Violet Flame (the 7th Ray of Light) and how to use it for healing. This includes a lesson on Karmic Clearing and how to use the Violet Flame Decrees (and a list of Theresa's favorites). We also talk about the books will further assist you connect more with this Ray.

This course is available for pre-purchase now.

Benefits of working with the Violet Flame (also called the Violet Ray):

  • Clarity of mind
  • Shifting of old thought patterns to healthier ones
  • Physical healing
  • Control of your emotions
  • Karmic clearing
  • Ease in your otherwise bumpy relationships
  • Shifting out old situations that no longer serve you to bring in new ones that do
  • Ease in detoxing
  • Much more
  • What we cover in this webinar:

  • What the Violet Flame is and where it originates
  • It's role in healing the planet and clearing karma
  • How you can use it daily within your relationships
  • How to heal conflict and clear energy in the room
  • What Angels and Ascended Masters are associated
  • A pdf of Violet Flame Decrees and Mantras we will use in class and for your personal use afterwards for practice
  • Books I recommend on the subject for further reading and advancing your ascension process
  • So much more...

The Violet Flame is practical and easy to use. The process for Karmic Clearing requires no special skills, just an open heart and basic intention.

The purchase of this course grants you access to her website where her courses are held.

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