The Rays of Light of Creation - An Online Experience


The Rays of Light of Creation - An Online Experience


Welcome to the Wisdom Teachings of the Melchizedeks.

You hear Theresa talk about the Rays of Light in her work. The Beings of Light have nudged her to share the in-depth information that each Ray of Light of Creation has to offer you. You are ready. You came across this page for a reason.

This course is for Lightworkers, those who want to Ascend and Raise their Vibration. Those who want to learn more about the details of living in the Light.

Are you feeling called to receive the Sacred Encodings of the Rays of Light? 

The encodings are delivered during the meditations that the Beings of Light call Activations. The encodings provide healing on a mental, emotional, physical, and etheric bodies.

The Rays of Light of Creation are pure Source Energy in Light form. The encoding you will receive include sacred geometries and upgrades to shift your internal world which will then be reflected in your external world in areas that include Personal Power, Liberation, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Karmic Clearing, and much more.

This course will also provide you with the detailed information of each Ray. We talk about each Ray of Light's Colors, Archangels and their Feminine Counterparts (called Archea), Ascended Masters, Divine Virtues, and so much more. You will soon notice how each Ray also feels different.

The Activations will help you raise your frequency by downloading into your energy field and cellular structure the new templates and programs that replace and help you release emotions, patterns, and beliefs that no longer serve you so you can live a happier life and embody more Light. You will have the opportunity to open more to the flow of Unconditional flow of Love. This process is called Ascension and you will feel renewed. Ascension doesn't stop when the course ends, and these Rays will help the process. 

Theresa recommends you journal throughout the process so you can look back and see how you have changed.

Each Ray provides opportunities for DNA upgrades and shifts in your life that include embodying higher dimensional templates like Unconditional Love, Personal Power, Life Purpose, Faith, Peace, Healing (especially heart openings), Growth of Intuitive Gifts, Karmic Clearing, Soul Retrieval and much more. The weekly Activations transmissions help transform these areas.

If you have ever wanted to learn about and experience the Angels, the opportunity is here! It is open to everyone, worldwide.

The experience begins the moment you sign up and lasts for 13 weeks. There are different levels to each Ray of Light and each time you return for an activation, you will receive something new. In other words, this course and the activations are repeatable for personal growth.

The Outline for Your Experience:

  • 13 Weeks of Healing and Transformation
  • Love and Support from the Angels and Beings of Light
  • Weekly pre-recorded videos with info about each Ray of Light
  • Weekly distance Light Transmissions that introduce you to each Ray (called Activations).
  • Time investment of less then 2 hours each week

This course is a required pre-requisite to the Healing with the Rays of Light Course that will teach you a healing modality where you channel the Rays for healing. Contact Theresa if you feel drawn to integrating this knowledge into your healing/intuitive practice and to see if this would be best for you. All course content must be fully completed to receive a certificate.


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The first day of receiving the Rays of Light,  I laid down and easily slipped into a meditative state. I could feel a gentle flowering in my heart chakra, which I didn't expect since I always expect heart chakra openings to hurt. This didn't hurt at all, it almost felt like I was floating on water and my chest was one of those lotus flowers and someone was gently opening the leaves. I got into the state between sleep and awake and felt a sweet presence around me. The flowering continued and gently expanded throughout my body. Soon after that I fell asleep. Each night after, I would meditate and then almost immediately fall asleep. I did dream, but I only remember one... where I was a mermaid who was saving humans. - Lauren (USA)