The 3 Fold Flame Set (3 Sprays)

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The 3 Fold Flame Set (3 Sprays)


Welcome to the Sprays of Light line of Auric Sprays! it is a miracle and complete joy to offer these sprays to you.

These sprays represent the Rays of the 3-fold flame of the heart, also known as the Holy Trinity or the Founder Rays of Light.

SPRAY 1: CLEANSE AND SHIELD - 1st ray blue ray This spray empowers on many levels. It is a protection spray. cleansing and providing divine protection for you or the space you intend to clear. Great for open and closing sessions for counseling, healing, yoga, or meditation. Also great for the home. This one empowers you to cleanse and command their own space. Use before sleep to protect the sleep space. Great for use with creating sacred space for yoga, healing, and meditative sessions for your clients and private practice. This one is known to bring about spiritual awakening and connection to the angelic realm for many who use it. It is very likely your intuitive and psychic gifts will increase with the use of this spray. The Angels will also likely become an active part of your life.

SPRAY 2: ILLUMINATE (brings in joy and imbuses spiritual wisdom, clarity, and understanding). 2nd ray of light

SPRAY 3: LOVE 3rd ray of light. covers motherly love, passionate love, romantic love, unconditional love. love of all kinds.

Directions: Spray anywhere that you wish to experience the qualities of the sprays above like your auric field (around your body) or a space that you wish to clear.

Each spray is unscented and the bottle is made of glass. If you wish to order the love spray with rose water and infused with rose quartz, be sure to choose that option when ordering.

Why rose water and rose quartz? Rose is the highest frequency on the planet, connects you with the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine and opens the heart chakra.

Ingredients: Distilled water and the Rays of Light.

Please do not take these sprays or their contents into your physical body.

Refills available upon request.

*If you are located on Kauai and wish to coordinate a drop off or pick up in person, contact Theresa here. Kama'aina is available.

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The feedback of those who use these sprays include feeling uplifted, having extraordinary experiences in meditations, began seeing and hearing Angels, and miracles increase in their lives. Everyone's experience is different and often depends on your sensitivities. However, no specific sensitivity or gift is required to experience the benefits of the sprays.

Testimony from Katie (USA):

Theresa has been such a gift in my life.  Her Sprays of Light have been life changing.  When I use each spray, chosen by which one I am guided to for each day, I feel an immediate peace and presence of guidance.  If I'm feeling turmoil, I will use my personal spray and I feel peace as the spray settles on my skin. I feel so grateful to have such an easy tool available to guide and shift my energy and to feel the presence of the angels who are guiding my life.