Oracle Card Reading

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Oracle Card Reading

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Looking for insight into a situation? Perhaps you want a random card drawn for you providing guidance from the Beings of Light? There's also the option to have a card drawn to let you know what Being of Light is with you now assisting you in life.

The only thing these readings do not offer are predictive timelines. These readings empower you to make choices that are right for you based upon spiritual guidance and higher perspectives given in the reading.

Here are your ordering options:

  • Single Card. A quick and clear guidance reading. 
  • Three Cards: Past, Present, Future
  • Multiple Cards: Full length reading

Follow up questions are not included in this session type. Please order a follow-up reading or 1:1 session if you need clarity afterwards.

Readings are provided on a first come, first served basis. The single and 3-card readings are provided by audio recording to your email inbox. Full length readings have the option to be provided by phone or skype.

*All purchases enter you into the monthly contest to win a 1:1 session with Theresa. Multiple entries and orders are permitted for entry. Winners are chosen on the first of each month and contacted by email once they have won. Good luck to those who enter. :)

Current wait time 12-48 hours.

Have questions? Get in touch with Theresa and her team here.

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" Her gifts and compassion will help guide you through." - Adrienne (USA)