The Sisterhood of the Light (Healing Membership)

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The Sisterhood of the Light (Healing Membership)

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This is a Monthly Group Membership granting you access to a Facebook group for 30 Days that provides the following:

  • Multiple periodic LIVE healing sessions with the Rays of Light (replays will be available and are just as effective if watched later). Healing themes will depend on the needs of the collective at the time, and as nudged by Spirit for Theresa to provide you and also per request via members. There will be at least 4 healing sessions a month. You will receive healing no matter where you are in the world.
  • Group fun time for things like card readings, check-ins, crystal prescriptions and more will be included a few times a month.
  • Members will be granted a 10% discount code and other offerings for products on the website. This code is for use during the time of your membership period.

Login is provided within about 24 hours of purchase. Please be sure to include at check out the email you use to log into Facebook with so that we can invite you to the Facebook Group. Thank you in advance for understanding that we cannot add you by name.

The monthly membership is manual (no recurring subscription charges at this time) and you will receive an email prior to when your 30 Day Membership expires to nudge you for a renewal if you feel called to. Feel free to purchase multiple months at a time.

If you have a gift you would like to add to the group, please get in touch with Theresa to discuss. Special consideration will be given to members.

***Keep in mind that this is an introductory price and it is scheduled to increase.

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