Let's Manifest Together

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Let's Manifest Together


Say it with me: I AM WORTHY OF MY DREAMS.

EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ACHIEVABLE. Even if you don't believe it or have doubts. It's true. YOU are a powerful creator and Theresa is here to help give your dreams some Oooommph.

This is a unique opportunity to work together in the name of all things Manifestation.

In your time together, you and Theresa will meet together via Skype audio and you talk about all of the things that you wish to manifest. So bring a general list before your session starts.

There are several ways we work together...you can talk about things you wish to manifest as if they have already happened -OR- you can speak about things you want as if they are happening right now. There is no talk about what you do not want. She will stop you if you head down that path.

Theresa guides you while you create in the moment what you want, asking questions that help you envision the experience you wish to create. She directly infuses your goals, dreams, and creations with the Rays of Light during your time together.

Your only job afterwards is to relax it let it all unfold.

Everything Theresa has ever wanted has manifested and the process is really easy. This is a similar version of the pow wows she holds with her They (her guides, angels, ascension team).

If you are wanting to heal your doubts, click here for assistance...because sometimes we need a rewiring of the mind. The two work well together.

Theresa is not sure how long this session type will be offered. It depends on how fun it is and she is all about having fun at work nowadays.

So...You Wanna Play? Let's Manifest some Miracles!

If you feel you want more time, you may purchase more than one session. You only need longer if you want clarity about your personal manifestation process.

Something fun...Wanna learn more about Manifestation? Theresa offers A Course in Manifestation  online course to aid you in your manifesting skills.

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