Individual 1:1 Sessions

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Individual 1:1 Sessions

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Current Special - Learn 1:1 with Theresa a simple technique to Keep Your Energy clear. It is a process the Angels taught Theresa that takes less than five minutes. It resets the emotional, mental bodies, and benefits the physical body as well. Many use it for themselves and their children to fall asleep quickly, if used just before going to sleep. There is also the additional option to learn how to align your hara line, which brings more miracles into your life. Your hara line is your connection to Source and aligns all of your chakras. Both classes are 1:1 sessions that include a single email follow up.

*Please note that the 1:1 class special does not include intuitive guidance in your purchase. Be sure to add that to your purchase if that is something you wish to include in our time together.


Individual 1:1 Sessions are a great way to connect in a practical and collaborative, space focusing on personal transformation. Theresa serves as a Human Ascension Guide to aid you in remembering the Light of Who You Are and the wisdom your Soul embodies within.

Working together is like ten sessions in one. You get what you pay for in these sessions. And sometimes if you wanna go light, that is ok too. One of Theresa's favorite sessions is proving you with emotional support and being a cheerleader for your ideas. If you need a gal pal in your corner, we can work together on that. 

If you are looking for solutions rather than labels to problems, you have come to the right place as well. These empowerment sessions are molded to your needs and often provide the life changing solutions you have been looking for, in less than an hour. The guidance you receive will be very specific and thoroughly detailed.

Private 1:1 sessions are also great if you want to learn how to use the Rays of Light in your professional practice. Feel free to reach out to Theresa about session length if you choose to book for this purpose.

A 1:1 Session is really flexible. We can use this time together for:

  • 1:1 Manifestation Coaching and Pow-Wow with your Guides (Things will manifest very quickly after one of these sessions and provides tools on how to do it on your own with success)
  • Mentoring for intuitive children
  • Business insights and areas where it can expand, especially in the form of money making ideas (one of her favorites)
  • Intuitive guidance on situations in your life and how to create breakthroughs. (This is not the same as providing timelines)
  • Personal Guidance on how to maneuver through the planetary energies
  • 1:1 Spiritual Mentoring (ex. Growing your intuitive abilities)
  • Learning a healing modality in a 1:1 format
  • Take a class in 1:1 format
    • Clearing your chakras using sound
    • Strengthening your connection to Source
    • Energy Clearing Techniques
    • Karmic Clearing & Ancestral Healing
    • Space Clearing & Intention Setting
  • Learn ways to incorporate using the Rays of Light in your daily life and/or business to benefit you and your clients
  • If you wish to learn how to incorporate the Rays of Light into your professional healing and intuitive work, please reach out to us. The Intro to the Rays of Light Course is often a pre-requisite
  • Light Transmissions are provided during all 1:1 sessions

1:1 Sessions are held via phone (USA) and Skype audio call (Outside USA) All sessions are available worldwide.

For those who order a 1:1 session with Theresa, you will receive a discount for your 30 Days of Light order. Reach out to Theresa and her team for the discount code. It must be ordered during the same month that you schedule your appointment.

Packages are available and fully customizable to you and we will discuss the desired areas for personal growth. It is a collaborative process. Please email Theresa to customize a package just for you. Please mention your budget when emailing.

Predictive Timelines are NOT provided, but we can explore how to shift the timing of predicted outcomes (called timelines) as a Conscious Creator.

A 1:1 session is NOT for you if you need a space to share stories or complain about your life. A session is NOT for you if you need a space to analyze someone else's problems or issues. We focus on YOU. 

Theresa also no longer works with the relationship dynamics of Twin Flames. 

A 1:1 session is for those interested in personal growth and living an empowered lifestyle.

If you have questions or want to know if a 1:1 session is right for you, Get in touch with us here.

Theresa is available to mentor or teach these modalities in person and is willing to travel. Feel free to reach out.

IN PERSON SESSIONS are available for scheduling on the island of Kauai.

If you need to discuss pricing, contact Theresa and our team.

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Client Testimony:

"One of my most favorite things about her is how she tells stories and the ones that she tells during what would otherwise seem like tangents are divinely guided to be told to provide answers to questions that I have not even asked yet but planned to. Her stories share how she learned from the experience I am going through and because of that I find her so relatable. Her 1:1 Sessions and Live Events are like hanging out with friends and I feel understood. Those group containers are Divinely orchestrated and simply divine." -Grace (USA)

"If you are ready for some shifting, Theresa is the one to go to. I love her enthusiasm. I was just writing in my journal questioning my block with my twin and then I read her recent post on social media about emotional honesty. Now I know! She is a beautiful gift, and I am beyond appreciative." - Christina (Canada)

"My experience with Theresa in intuitive and healing sessions have been life changing. I feet safe, understood, and guided through my challenges in a beautiful atmosphere of breath and depth of knowledge as well as incredible humility and sense of humour. Recently, I had a healing session with her which was incredibly touching and helped me move into a peaceful, balanced and loving space. I am grateful for her kindness, humility, and honesty. I am looking forward to learning more in our spiritual mentoring sessions with her. Wherever you are on your journey, she will help you navigate safely towards your goals." - Magdalena (Australia)