The Light Tribe Membership

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The Light Tribe Membership


*Currently all 1:1 Sessions and Memberships are on hold

If you need support, try the joining the 12 Rays of Light Course or 30 Days of Light.


Whether you are new here or returning to the Tribe, welcome. Please explore below. Things have shifted focus recently.

This Monthly Membership gains you access for 30 Days to the following:

  • A private, secure Facebook group called The Light Tribe
  • Weekly LIVE Online Gatherings that include a gratitude check-in and a manifestation pow wow (Manifestation Angels assist with this)
  • Distance healing sessions each Monday is also included. The healing provided will be programmed to assist you in your manifestation or other areas of intention you set.

If you are wondering what happened to the Cards of the Day videos, watch this video.

Currently the sessions are held on Mondays at 9am HST, 3pm EST. 

If you cannot make it LIVE, there is a recording available immediately afterwards. You can also email in your intentions before the group online meet-up if you are busy with other things. 

The energy of the group is unique and a very high vibration. You will enjoy this membership due to the shifts that it creates in your life in terms of personal growth and breakthroughs. Everyone in the group has something in common in terms of personal growth, so you have people to relate to. The Beings of Light join us often within this space, and you can see them sometimes in the videos.


Approximate length of each gathering: 30-60 minutes each.

Have questions? Want to know if a membership is right for you? Get in touch with Theresa here. Learn more about how she works here. If you want more individual attention, a 1:1 would be for you. If you prefer daily healing, try 30 Days of Light. You can always ask her to help you choose.

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Client Testimony:

"One of my most favorite things about her is how she tells stories and the ones that she tells during what would otherwise seem like tangents are divinely guided to be told to provide answers to questions that I have not even asked yet but planned to. Her stories share how she learned from the experience I am going through and because of that I find her so relatable. Her 1:1 Sessions and Live Events are like hanging out with friends and I feel understood. Those group containers are Divinely orchestrated and simply divine." -Grace (USA)