My name is Theresa Monro and I AM an Illumined Blue Ray, Truth Teller, Teacher, and Psychic Channel of the Rays of Light of Creation for progressive souls. I assist committed individuals in raising their frequency and embody their higher selves. I further specialize in Collective (Group) Transformation and offer Divine Angelic Healing and Intuitive Guidance classes and healing to people worldwide.

I AM an Original Creator Angel from the Blue Ray Oraphim Angelic Order which grants me access to the history of the Universe to teach about the origins and creation of Earth and other planets to humanity.

I work with groups in teaching topics that include the Rays of Light, Authentic Communication, Manifestation, the History of Humanity, and how we as a race can progress from here (Ascension anyone?). This history has bearing on what is happening today and how the Angels and other Beings of Light are here supporting humanity through this shift of remembering its Personal Power. I am interested in the protection, inclusion, and expression of both masculine and feminine power.

If you wish to learn the healing modalities that I use, I teach that to those who are ready.

What I do not do is provide timeline predictions, instead I teach you how you are creating your own reality and how your thoughts, emotions, and actions affect what you are manifesting.

I AM also a channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters of the Light. One of my specialities is tuning into group consciousness with messages from the Beings of Light. Types of groups include the human collective, a room of people, or a pair of souls. Each message delivered is different depending on the energy of the group. You can also check out my YouTube channel for my Energy Update videos if that interests you.

My gifts also include being able to hear the lessons and each perspective of those involved in your life. When needed, I help you guide your perception to a more positive one.

Group Sessions with me provide you:

  • 5D Relationship Templates
  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Divine Truth
  • Healing
  • Breakthroughs
  • Accuracy
  • Messages from the Divine Beings of the Light
  • Knowledge about the Angels of the Light
  • Tools to put you on the path to Self Empowerment
  • An ending to limited thinking, beliefs, and patterning
  • A safe place to be your Authentic Self

If you identify as a progressive soul and are committed to doing the work, you have arrived at the right place. Well done on following your inner guidance. My typical client is spiritually advanced and committed to soul growth. Shifts happen swiftly and with Grace just from visiting this page.

Read about Client Experiences in their own words here.

If you sign up for classes with me, know that my teaching is comprehensive. Each class is different depending on your needs at the time (this too shifts, as you shift.)

Group Classes also include:

  • Healing using the 12 Divine Angelic Rays of Light
  • Connection to Source energy
  • Increase in ability to manifest with speed
  • Healing within progressive relationships
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Karmic and Ancestral Clearing
  • Conflict Resolution & Personal Power
  • Boundaries
  • Energy and Space Clearing
  • DNA & Ascension Light Code upgrades
  • Chakra Clearing & Auric Field repair
  • Soul fractal retrieval
  • Merging of parallel timelines
  • 5D Relationship Template Activations
  • Reconnection with souls you wish to attract into your life
  • Frequency Upgrades
  • Spiritual Gifts from the Divine
  • Heart Opening
  • Release of addictions and increased interest for healthier foods (Many report caffeine and alcohol cravings being replaced with wants for fresh produce and clean water - with EASE after receiving healing energy).

I heal in groups nowadays, as it is more powerful and my work reaches more that way. In the group events, we set up a light grid on the earth by working in this way and it is immensely powerful.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Knowledge of the vocabulary I use is not required. If you are in Hawaii, I am available in person and am willing to travel. I AM located on the island of Kauai. Contact me if interested in personalized Group events.

Love Always,

Connect with me on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube where I share channeled Energy Updates from Spirit, and provide videos that assist you on the Ascension Path.

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