Hi. My name is Theresa Monro and I am a Code Keeper of the Rays of Light. We are called Melchizedeks. On a soul level, we are called Creator Angels. I teach about these Rays and provide Light Transmissions for healing worldwide. I'm essentially an Ascension Teacher who specializes in Collective (Group) Energy and transformation. I also provide monthly Energy Updates on YouTube that help you understand what is happening energetically on the planet because it is sometimes nice to know that you are not alone in what you are experiencing. It makes it easier when you understand what is happening and shifting in your life so you can navigate these Rays of Light that are entering the Planet. These Rays of Light are pure Source Energy.

All of this assists progressive individuals like yourself in raising their frequency and embodying their higher selves (Ascension). 

If you're curious and like storytelling, I love to share stories of the history of the Universe...how it was created and events that impacted different civilizations here. I also love to share about how I met Angels and Ascended Masters, what their personalities are like, and how they like to make you laugh. These stories include information about the origins and creation of Earth and humanity. The Angels joke that I am a walking history book of Truth. This history has bearing on what is happening today and how the Beings of Light are here supporting humanity through this Big Shift and Time of Remembering.

If you wish to learn the healing modalities that I use, I teach that to those who are interested in keeping their energy clear. These tools work for emotional and physical healing (it's all energy anyway.) Each pathway is simple, practical and helps keep your energy clear. I'm very grateful for simplicity. These are also pathways to healing that are easy counterparts to any healing modality you currently use. I do consult professional or budding healers in the world on how to incorporate the Rays of Light for healing. There are a few ways to do this and to use them At The Same Time. It's really fun working together in this way.

So here is what I do not do in my sessions...I do not provide timeline predictions. I go to readers for that sort of thing sometimes, too. But it is just not what I use my gifts for. What I do instead is teach you how to creating your own reality and how your thoughts, emotions, and actions affect what you are manifesting. I do not work with or offer Twin Flame readings. I do not work with relationship or romantic dynamics in my 1:1 sessions. Please be aware of this before booking with me.

I do love to work with groups in person for healing and provide feedback on group patterning in terms of life lessons of those who congregate. Each group is different. If you would like to hear me speak in person about current Planetary Energies, the Dynamics of a Room of people who have gathered, or a pair of souls...I am available for hire and love travel. My in person group events include Light Transmissions if you would like healing to be included. The Rays of Light Transmissions are a great compliment to Sound Healing events (or other speakers), and it is fun to collaborate in the healing of a group of people. Each gathering and messages delivered are different depending on who shows up. Often times I won't know what is going to happen or come through until I show up. 

If you are interested in a Personalized Group Event, please Contact Me. I reside in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Kauai, and I am willing to travel.

You have arrived at the right place. Well done on following your inner guidance. You do not need to understand the vocabulary I use on my site, just show up with a pure heart and some curiosity and we will explore some fun material together.

Read about Client Experiences in their own words here.

Classes offered include (currently being edited for re-release):

  • Intro the 12 Rays of Light (This includes the 12 attunements for each Ray)
  • How to Connect to Source energy via the Hara Line
  • Manifestation
  • Ethics for Healers and Intuitives (Using the Universal Laws)
  • Karmic and Ancestral Healing
  • Violet Flame Healing and Decrees
  • Boundaries
  • Space Clearing (Energy clearing for a room or physical space)
  • Getting to Know Your Chakras (Fun 5 minute meditations where you get to know your body's energy centers)
  • A Simple Energy Clearing Technique - using scanning (It includes a simple grid or scanning technique, but a clever name hasn't come to me yet)
  • Tibetan Chakra Toning (Singing to your chakras)

In Light,

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