These are sessions of remote energy transference. You go into meditation in a quiet place and the energy is sent  to you. (There is no audio recording, phone call or video involved with receiving the Rays of Light.)

* Choose a quiet space such as your bedroom or other comfortable ground where you will be uninterrupted for the daily 30-minute sessions. There is no scheduled time for your daily sessions, you receive it when your schedule allows. If you wish to not receive the energy during meditation and need to go about your day, that is fine as well. You will still receive the Light. If you wish to not receive on any particular day, simply intend that and it will pass you by.

* Before the session starts, feel free to shower or bathe in salt. Don’t worry if you do not have time for this. The salt simply helps keep your energy clear and you can intend for a clearing before you connect with the energy. To receive.

* Lie down comfortably on your bed or padded floor, on your back, keeping the spine straight. You can also assume a meditative position. Remain in this free flow position.

* Attune to the Energy and to your I Am Presence. If you do not know how, simply intend it. Call in your spiritual guidance system. 

* Affirm your intentions for desired change and then go into meditative state.

* If you have music or are listening to an audio, please keep it soft and gentle. The idea is to quiet the mind and body and attune to the incoming frequencies.

* Please breathe slowly through the nose and into the abdomen. Keep coming back to the breath while affirming your sacred intention for this session.

* The energy will flow down your own hara line and carry with it many blessings and miracles. Some of which will be activated at a later time.

* You may experience tingling in the limbs or energy moving through your body. This is common. Be sure to drink plenty of water or coconut water as being well hydrated will help support you and the things your body releases during and after the Light transmissions.

* Falling asleep is also common. Sometimes this happens when the energy is of a high vibration. It also happens when the soul requests the personality move out of the way so that shifts can occur.

* Sometimes the Beings of Light will deliver messages to you during a session. Sometimes they will take you on journeys outside of the body. If you do not remember, that is also normal and appropriate.

* It is a good idea to journal how you feel and about your intentions for healing. At the end of your transmissions when you look back, you will see how much has shifted for you.

* As a side note, many notice that they start eating more healthy as a result of the Light transmissions. Many no longer crave things like sweets, coffee, and the like. This is natural and happens with ease for those who experience it.


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