LIVE 1:1 session

If I have one piece of advice before reading the rest of this page....Be Open. LET GO of your Expectations and Attachments to the outcome or how other readers do their thing. I do not read like 3D readers. I provide guidance like the Angels do. Sometimes it comes in riddles and questions. TO MAKE YOU THINK. To rewire the brain. It's progressive. 

The Beings of Light might not ask me to tell you what an outcome will be, but rather to take you down the road of facing the fear behind it all that is coming up to be healed so that no matter what happens, you are fearLESS. Of course I would love to tell you what you want to hear, but I am here to EMPOWER you. These fears that we tackle cannot exist in 5D relationships with any hope of it being successful. Besides, timelines shift and that is a whole other conversation. You understand now?

Now for the rest of the blurb...

In a LIVE 1:1 Intuitive and/or Spiritual Mentorship Session, the Beings of Light and I work together to hold space for you to transform. Sessions are very collaborative and your participation is required energetically (so bring your list of questions and patterns.) Mentorship is delivered via a Skype audio call or by phone if you are in the USA and prefer that. Sometimes the internet can be pesky in different parts of the world.

If you want to know more about who the Beings of Light are...That includes: Father/Mother God, the Archangels, Archeia (feminine counterparts/twin flames of the Archangels), Ascended Masters, your Spirit Guides, and your I AM Presence. Sometimes the faeries, elementals, and mer-people assist as well. I also am working with my Ascension Team, Spirit Guides, and I AM Presence during the session. Some clients report seeing the Beings of Light appear during the call. The work I do is multi-dimensional.

I DO NOT PREDICT TIMELINES OR TELL YOU WHETHER YOU ARE A TWIN FLAME. In my work, these labels do not matter. It is not necessary information in order to reach your potential. This work is about you and your personal transformation. I am not here to rescue you or process your stuff for you. I am here to provide you with the tools for 5D living. It is not about focusing on your twin or your counterpart. Do not ask questions like Is she/he single yet?, etc. If you want to know how to create your own reality, I am happy to empower you on how you are creating your own reality and timelines ALREADY so you can attract more of what you want. Timelines shift really quickly, so providing timelines to you just so you can feel better temporarily with a false sense of security will not help you in the long run because free will choice is a huge factor in timeline shifts. Asking questions like How can I attract more loving people into my life? or What is the lesson here? or How can I maneuver through this situation with ease? or How can I shift my perception? are all questions that will help you shift for the better in the long run. I help you live a new lifestyle, not some binge diet. Get it?

We will cover multiple subjects and relationship patterns during our time together. You can ask as many questions as you like, given the allotted time. Please understand that it might require more than one session to cover all of your questions. The answers often come quite swiftly, so we can get through as many as we can. Don't worry about having a list too long, but do prioritize your questions. Also be prepared for some practical tips to help you work through your old ways of being and to shift into the new dimensional templates. Please note that I am not here to do the work for you. I am your guide.

Keep in mind that the messages that come through are based upon your willingness to receive. For some the messages are prolific. For others, there are fewer. It all depends on you.

Please remember that Spirit gives you answers you NEED to know and not always what you want to HEAR. Be prepared for truth. I AM an ILLUMINED Blue Ray Angelic Being of Light and your soul guided you towards me because I speak TRUTH. Sometimes your ego might feel challenged by what messages are delivered. Your soul is ready for answers that your ego might wish to resist. I will let you know when this is happening and likely you will know too.

In preparation of the session, please be in silence or meditate for 20 minutes beforehand. This helps keep the energy clear for the session. Sometimes if you are in deep fear or panic, this can block any messages from coming through. So, the 20 minutes help clear that.

If you wish to record the session, I ask that you acquire my permission at the beginning of the session. It is sometimes recommended that you do record the session because so much information comes through. HOWEVER, any recording made without my verbal or written permission is illegal and violates the Universal Law of Free Will (which means you accrue karmic debt). Also, no recording is permitted to be published under any circumstances. It is for personal use only.

This form of session is scheduled for a set time and date. Please make sure you set reminders for your scheduled appointment time. My scheduler will also send you a reminder 24 hours in advance.

One last thing...make sure you have played with Skype and are comfortable with it before our time together. If you are located in the United States, phone is an option. Any time it takes to set up Skype after our session has begun, might interrupt our sacred time together. There is an automated test call you can make within Skype, and it is a great way to test the technology for yourself. No test call with me is necessary.

Session length: 15 to 60 minutes (depending on what you ordered)

distance healing sessionS

In a Distance Healing Session (30 Days of Healing), I work with the Beings of Light in sending you healing remotely. The Beings of Light will be present with us both during the daily healings.

Who are the Beings of Light? That includes: Father/Mother God, Archangels, Archeia, Ascended Masters, your Spirit Guides, and your I AM Presence. I also am working with my Ascension Team, Spirit Guides, and I AM Presence during the session.

Healing is sent and intended to arrive to you during the day at a time that best suits you. 

This work is completely at a distance and no phone is involved, which is great because you will most likely fall asleep during the session. Talking can interrupt the flow of healing.

I will include Angelic Healing, Energy Cleansing, Karmic Cleansing, Soul Reintegration, and so much more. The bulk of it is delivering 5d Relationship Templates and Ascension Codes. Both help raise your frequency. You might like to know that sometimes these codes are to be activated at a later date (like an eclipse or energy gate like 8/8 or 11/11.)

I do not need to know what is ailing you or what the struggle is to bring you healing. You can tell the Angels at any time of day what your intentions are for the healing and it is ok if it shifts often and covers many topics.. Rest assured, the Beings of Light and your I Am Presence hear you and most likely already know. They are just waiting for you to ask. Something popular people intend is to be aided in all aspects. This covers all of your bases. They will help you to shift and release all that is ready to go and bring in what will better serve you.

Your body will detox, drinking water during the day will help shift things. Most report that they crave more water after about a week into the sessions anyway.

Something I recommend is to journal how you are feeling at the beginning of the 30 Days. Write down anything you intend to shift. It is ok if you just want to feel the blessings of the healing energy. Write down a few words each day abut how you are feeling and what you are grateful for. This at the end will also show you all of the things that have shifted.

Things you might experience when receiving healing energy include: warm or cool sensations in the body, tingling, goosebumps, soothing energies, flickering lights. You might see or feel the Angels with you. Some see orbs of light in certain colors (these are angels). Others can see the Angelic light itself. It all depends on your gifts and sensitivities. You might feel nothing at all. It depends on you. In more rare cases, this work will disrupt your sleep. If this happens, get in touch with me and I will make some adjustments for you.

You do not need to DO anything to receive the energy. Some people think they need to pray, burn candles, have a full stone spread, etc. It is ok to do this if it is part of your usual ritual to create space and if you like to set the atmosphere. 

I will check in on you at the end of the 30 days to see how you are feeling. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or have any big breakthroughs. I love to hear about those.

Session length: 5 minutes of distance healing daily (same as 60 minutes in person, daily)