1:1 Healing Session


1:1 Healing Session


This session type is for those who wish to have focused form of healing with Energy arriving directly form Source providing rejuvenation, recharging, and enveloping you with unconditional love. Your chakras will experience more balance and your spiritual gifts have the potential to increase.

We will also strengthen your connection to Source and Mother Earth. The Beings of Light will be present during the session and often people will remember messages delivered to them during this time.

It is a quite gentle experience compared to body work, and you will see some differences in your daily life like coping better with stress, better sleep, a state of serenity and your face sometimes even looks younger. You will leave the session feeling rejuvenated, calm, and well loved. Some choose this experience for spiritual cleansing, karmic clearing, visiting etheric spiritual retreats of the Beings of Light, and physical healing is an option too. If you want to change your thoughts or have your dna upgraded, that is part of the experience.

This is a meditative form of healing. You lay back and play meditative music if you want (we have links to some great stuff) and we provide healing over the internet and are present for questions you might have afterwards. It is a silent healing experience and we don't often discuss what is released. We focus on what we want to experience and bring into our lives.

If you are looking to create positive shifts in your life, or manifest something wonderful, this will help you with that. Some people request to visit their spiritual home and that is an option too. If you want to experience one Ray of Light (color healing from Source) during your session, that is a lot of fun. Each color of the rainbow represents a different type of mastery (Personal Power, Love of all kinds, Divine Clarity, Ascension, Service, Divine Purpose, Balance, Unity, and more.) Some choose to feel the higher realms for an hour with no particular focus other than to feel good. The realms of possibility are endless. You get to set the intention for the adventure you want to have.

Your chakras will be balanced, aligned, and cleared in this process.

If you order a 1:1 healing session, you will receive an option to purchase 30 Days of Light at a discounted rate. It will further support you as your situation shifts that we focus on in the 1:1.

This accompanies an intuitive session and the 30 Days of Light well. This experience is like 10 sessions in one and is quite powerful. Your soul determines the rate of change and shifts afterwards, so know that your Soul and Higher Self are taking great care of you.

We will contact you by email within 24 hours to schedule our 1:1 healing session time together, usually sooner than that.

Session length: 40-60 minutes.

***If you are on Kauai and wish to order a 1:1 session, please email us for location details and scheduling.

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