Welcome! We are excited to share some information with you about how our Group Healing Events work. These sessions are often experienced in a meditative state that we guide you into. People report big life shifts after being present for one of these events. Sometimes your spiritual gifts will increase. Be sure to bring a bottle of water to be charged during the session.

Both Online and In Person, your healing meditation is experienced in silence with soft ambient music playing in the background, as Theresa focuses on strengthening your connection to Source Energy and communicating with the Beings of Light that provide the transformational experience for you.

Often the personality will move out of the way for deeper healing to occur, so you might fall asleep or go into a deep level of meditation during the process and this is normal. So, please do not try to bring in any healing on your own during the process, as this may block the transformation. It is a time to receive.

It is true that there is power in numbers, and this includes healing in groups. Those who join have similar things in common that are being healed based on who arrives for each event and it changes with each gathering. Often people do not know what is in common with each other, but Theresa does and guides the Beings of Light to help those things shift within you.

At any time during the meditation, you get the chance to set the intention of what you wish to release, shift, or experience (ex: more personal power, release physical ailments or injuries, transform traumas and release the emotions attached to them, clear karma, shift beliefs, or attract love into your life.) Your intentions are only shared between you and Source, your Spiritual Guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Beings of Light present. Sometimes the John of God guides also provide physical healing. The Beings of Light also provide healing in areas that are unseen and bring miracles into your life. People generally leave feeling loved, supported, re-centered, and recharged.

Things you might temporarily experience during the session includes warmth (like hot flashes), cooler body temps, chills, or slight discomfort as pain is moving from the body. You might also see lights flicker or have visions. This the Beings of Light making themselves known. They sometimes deliver messages to you in this time or you may gain clarity on a situation in your life. Each experience is different and sacred. 

We provide the yoga mats, bolsters, and blankets. Feel free to bring things that help you to feel comfortable during the meditation (blankets, comfy mat, etc.)  Please drink ample amounts of water before and for sure afterwards, as your DNA will be shifting and it aids the body release of anything wishing to leave the physical body.

If you are drawn to learn how to do this for yourself, please let us know. Classes are available in person and online in group and 1:1 format.

Below, we discuss the differences between how the In Person Group Healing Events and the Online Group Healing Events work.

We love to collaborate with other healers and service providers for these events. Some examples of collaborations include Massage, Yoga, Singing Bowl Sound Healing, and Tea Ceremony. Feel free to Contact Us if you are interested in collaborating in person or online.

For scheduled events, check those out here.



The setting includes ambient music, serene lighting, perfect temperature, and a sacred space created for Divine Healing and Transmutation. You will lay in savasana or a position comfortable for you while the healing occurs.

Weekly events are currently held on the Southeast side at Harbor Mall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out the events page for more details. We are scouting locations for Northside events on Kauai. Contact us if you are interested.

If you prefer a more private and personalized experience, you can schedule a 1:1 session with Theresa at Ala Yoga & Wellness here.


The online experience is similar to in person and the main difference is that your session is in the location of your choice. Some choose the beach, their home, or favorite space of comfort that is free of distractions. Online you can join webinars, a 1:1 healing session (held by zoom or phone), or join the weekly healing sessions held here in person on Kauai by distance (see events.) Distance healing is just as powerful as in person and still includes the power that group work provides. We do not recommend any operation of machinery during the experience.

If you want a more private experience, you can schedule a 1:1 session with Theresa online here