This is my disclaimer, my terms and conditions for my work. 

Please don't skip reading this. It is important that you understand how I work and what you are agreeing to. 

Theresa Monro is dedicated to assisting and supporting people in positively changing their lives. She does this by offering people transmissions of the Rays of Light as well as information, advice and instruction as an Intuitive and as a Spiritual Advisor.

She is not a medical or health practitioner. She does not conduct any medical or psychotherapeutic work or diagnoses, rather she offers her clients a spiritual perspective to aid them in their self –healing and self-empowerment.

The advice and information she gives is based exclusively on her impressions and experiences. She makes no promises regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in her work.

Theresa does not claim to heal people. When she sends out the Light, it activates the self-healing power of the person that receives it. In this way, Theresa Monro supports people to heal themselves.

Each person who chooses to undertake the Healing or Intuitive sessions takes full responsibility to any life changing effects or consequences that may or may not occur.

Her work and the energy channeled from Source is complementary to and supportive of other approaches. Please know it is not intended to replace treatment by a licensed medical professional or to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult a licensed medical professional.

This energy work is intended to help the body and it's energy field to come into energetic balance. The energy modalities she uses acknowledge that when one's energy is in balance, the body's latent healing ability can heal itself. Theresa cannot make any promises or guarantees about the results of this work. That is up to you and your Soul. She is here to provide the Rays of Light and insight for the healing to happen.

If you wish to record our live video session, please ask before doing so. It is ok to ask at the beginning of the session. If permission is granted to record the session, it is not to be published anywhere publicly and is for personal use only. 

Please understand that sometimes the Beings of Light provide information on what you need to know rather than what you may want to hear. She will always tell you the truth with love. In her intuitive sessions, I does not provide timeline predictions, her job is to empower you to manifest the life you want. Fate will no longer play a role in our lives and within 2 years free will choice and instant manifestation will fully be the new way of being. You might already be feeling this, as the integration has already begun. In terms of labeling whether you are a twin flame, twin soul, soul mate...she do not provide this label for you. This progressive and personal transformational work helps for all relationships. The focus is on personal transformation.

If you need to cancel and appointment, please make sure you do so at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Emergencies are an exception. Please email her if that is the case. No shows will not receive a refund or offered a chance to reschedule their appointment.

Keep in mind that that the access granted to any copyrighted and otherwise protected material is the intellectual property of Theresa Monro and Wings of Light Healing Arts. You are granted temporary access to some of this material through purchase only. Please keep in mind your promise to keep it private and secure.

Thank you also for understanding that all sales are final.