Everything's 50% off (to include NEW 1:1 Healing Sessions)


Happy Day to you <3

March is off to an interesting start and the Beings of Light refer to it as the Month of Miracles, which also translates to a month of shifts that brings us better into alignment with those miracles that we've manifested. We spoke last year about the Particle Convergence and the Particle Emergence that shifted our timelines of suffering into higher ones of more joy and higher calling. You can watch that video here.

In March, you see more changes that bring those timelines of joy and higher frequency into focus in a way that is a bit more tangible, so if you've waited a while to see things culminate in a way that reflects that, it is more visible now. Some of you can feel it as things continue to shift for the better. Spirit is with you. Remember to call on your Angels for support if you're nervous during those shifts. For some, this includes stability in the home and moving into a new place provides that. It's ok to be nervous. Remember your breath. One thing you can always control is taking a deep breath (or 3). This month bring bring in more balance as well. I speak more in detail about these things in March's Energy Update.

I wanted to let you know that everything is 50% off on my website. The code is MARCH2018. Please feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit from some healing or spiritual guidance. Some of you might have been curious about an energy essence spray. Those are included.

I feel guided to offer my 1:1 Healing Sessions. Many are familiar with my 30 Days of Light and Group Healing Sessions. Honestly, those are more powerful in numbers, but sometimes you want something more focused, andI understand that. If you want to hang out with one Ray of Light, experience higher frequencies, downloads, and DNA upgrades, that is here for you. Healing on the physical level occurs too. You get to set the intention.

I had a vision the other day of healing 1:1 with each Ray. The first one that came to mind was a Violet Flame spiritual bath for karmic transmutation. It's phenomenal stuff. It was lie creating the etheric spiritual retreats we all go to for healing on the higher dimensions. Some of you remember dreams of my taking you there. I love those emails, by the way. In these 1:1 sessions you can choose the colors if you want.

If you're in person on Kauai, you have the opportunity currently to experience this work in a space that offers change of lights in the room! It's pretty phenomenal. It's a choose your own adventure sorta thing. I find that really empowering to offer you choices in your healing experience.

If there is a way that I can support you that is not included on my website, please feel free to get in touch. I am flexible to providing options.

Thanks for letting me experience this with you.

Sending you Lots of Love and Aloha,