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So we're going LIVE today on my YouTube Channel about LOVE. This is February after all and it is something big in the collective right now...

If you seek out only one way, one person, one vessel for your desired result to arrive, you by default block out other opportunities for your goal to arrive. You might not even realize that these opportunities are in your sphere of existance. This is why where you place your focus is so powerful. YOU are powerful. Let go of the how. Let go of the who, what, where, when, why. Let go of the egoic attachment of what kind of relationship it is, whether a label of that relationship makes you more advanced spiritually. This is fear of not being valuable, folks. EVERY relationship is important. Be open to how things arrive. This especially applies to LOVE.

Want to take your power back? Wanna release your past and create the future you want? Want more love in your life? Want to release the pain of the past to bring in a new lover or repair the one you are in? This is for you.

Let's YouTube live about this. Today 3pm HST/ 8pm EST.

Distance healing is included. Bring your water bottles, they will get infused with healing Light, too.


InLight, Theresa