Archangels Sandalphon and Patiencia

peach ray - nicole paretti.jpg

So for those new to my account, one of my gifts is seeing angelic light in photography. Usually only those of angelic lineage have the ability to catch these images. This is a very distinct image of Archangel Sandalphon and his counterpart Patiencia. Peach ray angels of patience, balance, and harmonious relationships. <3 You'll also see her toroidal heart field and a very slim ray of white light (peace) coming through the right side of the angelic orb. The peach ray is the perfect balance of yellow (joy, illumination) and pink (unconditional love).

This is what i see floating around people. And when the angels show up its just a quick flash. This is their Light body that they're traveling in and the color is the Ray of Light they're from, so if you see a colored orb flash, it's angels in their Light vehicle. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Photographer unknown