LIMITED TIME OFFER (one for me & one for you)

limited tiem offer.png


I am so happy you are reading this message, as it is a special one. Angel blessings are headed your way as you are reading this. <3

I am writing to you about an amazing opportunity I have and I could use your help. It includes benefits for you.

So I have an opportunity to do something really big within the next week and it is life changing for me. Kinda scary too.

I wanted to make this deal really sweet for both of us. I have been offered an AMAZING space to do what I do in person here on the island of Kauai. It''s gorgeous. It's a space I have literally had showing up in my dreams and it is right on the beach with cool places to sit outside. Great energy and people are supportive and collaborative. This is 1:1 IN PERSON work and that scares me, but I am exited and it feels GOOD. You all know what the Beings of lIght say about doing work we love in spaces that are fun. It helps everyone involved.

The owners of this special space need a financial commitment from me in LESS THAN A WEEK.

This space is where I can have 1:1s, sound healing sessions, group energy work, workshops and SO MUCH MORE. A space I could even hold retreats with YOU. It's amazing.


I need collect a deposit for the place and so I wanted to offer you something as a thank you for those who might be interested. I have some discounted 30 Days of Healing packages and I have decided to offer a COMPLIMENTARY 1:1 session for every month within your package. So... if you order a 3 month package, you will receive 3 FREE 1:1 sessions with me. If you order a 6 month package of distance healing, you will receive 6 FREE 1:1 sessions with me. If you order a 12 month package, you will receive 12 FREE sessions. 

That is HUNDREDS of dollars in savings. You save and I am able to invest in a very special opportunity to work 1:1 with people here in person on the island of Kauai (as well as continue my online presence.) On this island, community is everything. This is a way to build that.


NO CODE IS NEEDED for this package and I am dedicated to continuing to work both online with you and building an in person tribe. The sooner I build this in person setting, the sooner I can start hosting you here as well for retreats.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP. The deadline is in less than a week. If you prefer to donate, that is well received as well. CLICK HERE TO DONATE. When you decide to donate, you will receive 24 hours of distance healing from me that beings the moment you donate.

I'm sending you Lots and Lots of Love from the beautiful island of Kauai.

Mele Kelekemaka (Merry Christmas)