24 hours of healing light (donation based healing)

30 Days of Light.jpg

The downloads and new planetary energies continue from last week as things shift to bring in new timelines into our 3D realities. For the past week or so people have felt headachy and others are having trouble sleeping. This is common for the current influx of energies mentioned in the last post. 

This morning, I felt inspired to create an option for you to receive some distance healing for 24 hours at a price that you choose.

So for those needing some temporary distance healing energy or wanting to know what the Rays of Light feel like...Donate $5 or more at the link below and Theresa will send you the healing Rays of Light for the next 24 hours. It covers emotional and physical wellness. Super helpful for integrating the Rays of Light entering the planet and astrological transits. Or just cuz you wanna feel good. 

Wanna know more about how the Rays of Light work? Looking for 30 Days of Light? Click Here.

Healing begins the moment you send your donation of $5 or more. Click the button below to get started.