Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Moon (well, technically it's tomorrow)

Some of you have quite the to-do list and are balancing fun with obligation. Try accomplishing the tasks you want to do first. The ones you feel like doing or have the energy for.

More is coming up right now about speaking your truth. We talked earlier this week about Libra season being Truth season. The truth coming out about what your true needs are. What you need to feel fulfilled in relationships and many are speaking up about this. Express your feelings to those you love (or no longer love). Also, leave space for what takes place after such declarations. This full moon activates movement. A desire for action to reestablish balance.

There's a strong push/pull energy present. This presents itself by someone trying to gain your attention or you doing things to try to get theirs. Another way this displays itself is through power plays. I'm shown the image of a male peacock displaying his feathers. Hard to resist the beauty, isn't it?

Also in terms of partnerships comes Independence vs Consideration of others. Who I am in relationships? Do I lose myself? Am I able to maintain my independence and self-identity within one? Does their energy overpower yours?

How about the masculine and feminine balance in your relationships? Is your partner masculine and you are attempting to hold space for your own masculinity? Perhaps your partner's masculinity is pushing you into your feminine. (This has nothing to do with gender, btw.) If you are meant to embody the masculine and your partner is pushing you into your feminine, this can be really uncomfortable. Every relationship whether platonic or romantic has a balance of masculine and feminine within it. Feeling drawn to someone who is feminine and ready to step more fully into your masculine role? This is coming up for some. It also displays itself through giving and receiving which are masculine and feminine traits.

Libra is all about balance and compromise. These issues coming up may be tipping the scales enough for you to want to take action on things you've been inactive on for a while. It's about time for some of you. (Angels love their puns.)

You want their attention? Take proper action. Don't pull on their energy and do not allow them to pull on yours. 

REAL LOVE THRIVES ON TRUTH. It's gonna come out this week. Make room for the process that happens afterwards. That movement you have been waiting for is here. Are you ready to receive? Ready for more happiness? The scales are tipping for a reason. Tis the season for being on a higher timeline. One that is more fulfilling. Check out my YouTube video on the Particle Convergence if you wanna know more about the higher timelines coming online.

In Light, Theresa