A Room Full Of This Please


My favorite stone has been rose quartz since I was a child and every now and again, I come across a photo like this one. Filled. With. Rose. Quartz. I love it. I have been searching for a rose quartz palm stone for ages. A little known fact is I work with palm stones in my sessions with clients. I rarely show them or tell people about them because they are there to support me.

My dream is own a home where I have a room full of rose quartz. Raw mostly and a maybe bowl of polished palm stones sounds good to me. I have had the luck once of being in a room of rose quartz before and it was heavenly. It blocked out all of the noise. That is heaven to me, to only feel source energy, to get a break from the human collective. All I felt was love. I want that in my home.

I have a bucket list for my dream place. My place that I will fill with love and others can sit in the space with all the rose quartz. If I could figure out a way to transport it easily, it would be nice to bring a room full of it to my group healing events. Perhaps I will have a space soon of my own where you all can come visit on island for healing. It's still my birthday month for a few more days, so here's to wishes. <3

It's a great stone to sit next to a child with anxiety, by the way. It asks me to mention that you can place it in classrooms and pockets of little keiki. I have a few huge ones on my nightstand. In the bedroom, it creates a very loving space as well. It's not just for healing rooms. I guess the bedroom can be a healing room, too. Maybe put it in the bath with you. Add some rose essential oils (ones safe for skin of course). The rose is the highest frequency on the planet and it also soothes and oozes heart energy. Rose quartz came to me recently and said that you could sit with her in your lap and envision the auric field of her love surrounding yours like an egg. You can use it for healing and you can use it for protection. Love is healing. Love is kind.

So if you get a chance, grab a palm stone for some self soothing. Some self love in the form of a soft pink crystal. They're here embodying and channeling the 3rd Ray of Light...unconditional motherly love. Light straight from Mother God. It doesn't really get better than that.

In Light, Theresa

Photo credit: @joshuanightfury