Perspective is Everything

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Resentment towards someone else's success will not get you the success you want. Trying to impede on someone else's happiness will not gain you the happiness you seek or the respect of the person you wish to be like. Asking them how they got there might help you. Perspective is everything and so too is taking responsibility for what we've created in our lives.

MC Escher used to be one of my favorite artists because he helped me find new perspectives and they seemed never ending. I had a tshirt that had his drawings all over it and I wore it til it had holes in it and literally could not be worn any longer. <3 I love the way his art told stories.

Change your perspective and your life will change.

This week's Energy - Intensity in the face of (much needed) change

This week is filled with Scorpio energy. if you have Scorpio in your chart, your energy is being cleansed and for some, a broken heart is being healed. This week's repetitive theme...Let It Go.

You are divinely protected. it is safe to let go. I'm being shown a vision of that trust fall people sometimes do at group events. But this time it's the Angels catching you. Some of you might have felt some things shifting last week around letting things go this week. If its time to go, let it so the new and fun can come in. 

This week asks you...How can you let go of things that are keeping you from flying at the speed of love? Most of you already know.

Midweek, things are pretty sweet with some lighter energies and potential for heart healing and connection. Thursday and Friday's energies have potential to be a bit more conflicted, so try to avoid confrontation if you can. If you can't, no worries. Something is meant to come to the surface for clearing. Try to roll with it, be kind, and let it go. If someone has intense emotions, it's ok to have boundaries with them. Take care of yourself first. Remember that water helps heal. Take a bath, get in the ocean, surf (in more ways than one.)

If an ex tries to return...leave the past in the past. Some things and some people never change. That karma is complete with that person. If you're feeling closure and complete with those lessons, let it go. For some this could be lack of closure related whether the person shows up or not. energetically, let it all go. New love is coming (for some it's already here) and letting this stuff go helps bring in the new.

Many may feel an increase in intuition this week because that energy is present. Watch for a depth of emotion to arise to be cleansed. Some are comfortable with this. You're being urged to let go this week so you can be that new person you are stepping into. Being in or near water will help things shift. All that work you did during mercury retrograde and that we let go of in the recent group healing session mid month were in relation to this time.

Now is not the time for power struggles, this energy will put you on your ass if you try to battle with it. Now is a time when secrets might come to light or things you've wanted answers to that were otherwise hidden come up to be discovered so they can be released. Remember this week's theme? Let it go. Let the person go. There may even be some things that since the retrograde, you realized wont work. Let that go. Old identities are being released, to include ones that others projected onto you that never truly defined you in the first place. A public persona of sorts perhaps? 

Are you feeling the anticipation of exploring something new? It's that time. (And it actually started a few days ago.) The Angels and Beings of Light are with you. Remember to call on them for help.

InLight, Theresa

Dreams Do Come True

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Today's repetitive message from spirit? Dreams come true. (Today's messages are brought to you by the number 7.)

Monday's Card Draw - The Isis Oracle

Happy Monday to you! If you would like a card drawn for you that symbolizes your week, head over to my Instagram account and I will pull a card for you. <3 This week's deck is The Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

You can also order a full length card reading here. The purchase of a full length card reading enters you in for the chance to win a full length session with me for healing, intuitive guidance, or learning a healing tool.

InLight, Theresa

A note about changing beliefs

Sometimes the only reason why a false belief (like not being good enough) is experienced is because you keep believing it. If you choose to believe differently (like I am worthy and awesome and people LOVE me), it changes your life and external reality. It can really be that simple. (Or you can work with me and I can help shift your reality. Whichever you consider more fun.)

This Week's Energy...Something New Begins

A week or two ago some of you ended an era so to speak in your important period in your life and now the new is here. This week some information comes to light around that and perhaps an area too where it wasn't expected, but certainly welcomed. This was communication or information that could not come through while Mercury was retrograde, which ends today.

This is a week of action around doing this something new chapter. No more dreaming and thinking about it. All of the ideas of the things you've thought about doing are more tangible this week. Some of these ideas and planning have been swirling around for a long time. Have something you wanna launch? Now's a good time. For a few, some pleasant surprises manifest. These are fun things we are getting into and we get to stretch the comfort zone some with the new endeavors. If you've done the same thing for a number of years, trying something new like having no schedule might seem scary, yet also really liberating and exciting. Spirit shows a popping of cork which has two meanings. This represents a celebration of forward movement, a new lunar cycle is here, the new timelines are here, and also your life's about to take off like the momentum of a popped cork.

If you're scared, it's ok. Turn the fear into excitement.

A new moon is here confirming that we've created something new. This week's energy is a different kind of energy. No more talking about it. Its time for action and you'll know when to take it. For some of you this is doing something that will inspire others in the future to try something similar. Break that new ground.

We had the Spiritual Cleansing healing session today online to help clear out the old so the new can begin. If you'd like access to the recording for purchase, click the contact button and we'll work something out. It's available for a few days.

All of this time results of the Harmonic Convergence celestial event I spoke about last year.  You can watch that video here.

Here's to a week of celebratory events, doing something new, and remember...if it's out of your comfort zone, you are GROWING. If there is some way I can support you, let me know. 

Lots of Love to you! -Theresa

13 Is My Lucky Number

13 is my Lucky Number.

It's true. I was born on October 13th and so was my brother 9 years later. Sometimes it lands on a Friday. There's a lot of history behind this date and I want to share some of it with you.

13 was originally associated with the Divine Feminine and it still is for many who remember. The Knights Templar were a group that were designated Keepers of the Light. They were fierce warriors of truth and had many false descriptions as well throughout history. They are sometimes lesser known for being keepers of secrets and knowledge of the Divine Feminine during the fall of the Divine Feminine. It was on October the 13th (a Friday) in 1307 that this group was round up and put to death.

Some think that every Friday the 13th is unlucky. It is truly October the 13th and only when it lands on a Friday that is is considered unfavorable, so every 7 years or so. People born on that day, are people tied to the Knights Templar, defenders of truth, fierce warriors, and Keepers of the Light and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Pretty accurate description of people I know who are born on this day.

Interesting stuff if you ask me, and every Friday the 13th is a day that I choose to celebrate the power of the Divine Feminine. <3

when manifesting something new requires change

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If you hope manifest something different in your life, you have to be willing to make a change and be ready for it to shift. You can't sit and hope for things to change and when something better comes along complain that your life is changing. This is the action part they talk about in manifestation. Of course there is change and often discomfort even when something great comes along. This doesn't mean that the shift won't be uncomfortable whether its something great entering or not. It means you're willing to make the effort to see things shift and to stretch the comfort zone a bit. It's all about how you handle the fear.

Manifestation will change your life. Expect shifts. Shifts in energy creates shifts in your reality. This is why healing sessions are effective. They shift the inner reality of your world on an energetic level. It is only natural for your external world to reflect that too. If you feel stuck in a loop, come work with me. I have this thing called a karmic clearing session. But, come prepared for things to change.

Messages from Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary

"When you build your life around unconditional love for yourself, you invite in unconditional love from others. Finding unconditional love in our own hearts creates shifts in our relationships, and the people and world around us shift to include those that are a lot more loving. It's ok to let go of those that are not reflecting that inner love as those who do move into your existence."

- Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary

I just went live on my YouTube channel about this if you're interested in hearing more. Be sure to call on Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for help in these areas. They love us unconditionally and are happy to show you what unconditional love feels like. We also go over this in our weekly healing sessions, which you can join on my website.

Feel free to watch below and SUBSCRIBE HERE if you wish to be notified of when I am live and when new videos are available.

Lots of Love to you!


Kauai and the I AM Presence


This image was taken a year ago today by a friend of mine here on Kauai who emailed me letting me know they had a space for rent. This was about 20 minutes after the island let me know I was moving here. I said to the Universe and the island...Oh ya? Show me. Then, the process began of rapidly shifting of all foundations to get me here. All of the orbs? Those are angels. Rarely do I see photos with so many in them. Ironically, this is what the I AM Presence looks like when you look up at it. The center of the sun connects your hara line from Source to the center of the earth. Pretty profound. I mean look at all of those angels and rainbow rays of light! Thanks for letting me share this with you. Maybe sometime I'll share the rest of the story of what that period of alignment looked like for me. I'll tell you this...when this island wants you here, she draws you in. Sometimes like a sweet scent on a cool breeze and other times more like a full on vacuum.

InLight, Theresa

This week's shift in energy


This week: A moment to breathe after last weeks intensity. The collective gets to take a deep breath. Thank goodness, because last week was a lot to take in. A lot of shifts, some we felt hurled into or out of. Some we saw coming. Some we didn't. This week is like the void, the space in between the in-breath and out-breath as we move forward with new plans.

This week's calmness also provides downtime to process what happened last week. Thank goodness the aggression has begun to soften a bit.

Like i talked about in my Energy UPdate for April, its been pretty intense energy through the 7th of April. People might have had some stronger than normal reactions to things. For some, this was an internal storm of sorts. More learning how to maintain our frequency through rough waters. Archangel Metatron reminds us of the lighthouse in the storm.

Also coming up...what are you focusing on? There is a lot of power here and I mention this because there is opportunity for a mystical, dreamy, spiritual connection this week.

I felt for some time that this week that there is an opportunity for some of you the potential for meeting others and making a new love contact. The one you've looked for. Not the one that escaped, but the one you thought you might never get the chance to meet. The one that ticks all the dang boxes. Your experience with these energies will of course be unique to you.

Keep your feet planted on the ground when appropriate. Next week theres some new information coming to Light, and until then...heres to some smooth sailing this week. Have a great week. The Angels of peace and transformation are with you.

Lots of Love, Theresa

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Monday's weekly card draw


Happy Monday to you! If you would like a card drawn for you that symbolizes your week and what Being of Light is assisting you during this time, head over to my Instagram account. This week's deck is The Keeper's of the Light deck by Kyle Gray and art by the lovely Lily Moses.

Full length card readings and 1:1 sessions available for scheduling this week. April's Energy update is on the way!