Current Energies - shifting this Saturday

Communicating honestly about any injustices or imbalances are being voiced right now and for some, resistance to authenticity is coming up. Safety, secrets, power (or rather the abuse of it), the taboo are all on the table. Saturday things will start to shift to a more loving atmosphere. Things will get easier.

In Light, Theresa

Welcoming the 10/10 Gate of Completion and New Beginnings

Today is October 10th, what many call the 10/10 gate. It's a 111 day in numerology, which is all about new beginnings. Fresh starts. In the tarot, 10s are associated with completion. With endings, come new beginnings. Congrats on completing your recent lesson!

It's a great time to envision what you want. The energies began yesterday and I got to spend some time manifesting with another master manifestor. If you feel called, spend sometime thinking about what you would like to have enter your life and grateful for what has come to completion.

If you would like to manifest together, please get in touch. I have a session for that.

Happy 10/10 to you. In Light, Theresa

Authentic Partnerships

When you are living an authentic life and being true to yourself, you attract partners that are equal to you. If not, you attract partners that either easily manipulate you and change you to their liking or you attract partners that you can easily manipulate and change to your liking. If you are not liking your chosen partner or living an authentic life, its time to look at why and how you can change that. Many are looking to release some stress in their life. Being honest with yourself and your partner, being true to yourself, what your needs are, and choosing another life that is calling you will release much of that stress. Trying to force a situation that isn't working might not be a situation that serves you or your highest calling. You deserve happiness and the energies coming through lately till the end of the year are here to help you move onto your highest path. I'm excited for you. And for Us.

Ironically, in the Intro to the Rays of Light Course this we week, we are covering the 9th Ray of Light which is all about Highest Potentials, Divine Love, Harmony, and Sacred Sexuality (yes, there really is a Ray for that).

In Light, Theresa

Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Moon (well, technically it's tomorrow)

Some of you have quite the to-do list and are balancing fun with obligation. Try accomplishing the tasks you want to do first. The ones you feel like doing or have the energy for.

More is coming up right now about speaking your truth. We talked earlier this week about Libra season being Truth season. The truth coming out about what your true needs are. What you need to feel fulfilled in relationships and many are speaking up about this. Express your feelings to those you love (or no longer love). Also, leave space for what takes place after such declarations. This full moon activates movement. A desire for action to reestablish balance.

There's a strong push/pull energy present. This presents itself by someone trying to gain your attention or you doing things to try to get theirs. Another way this displays itself is through power plays. I'm shown the image of a male peacock displaying his feathers. Hard to resist the beauty, isn't it?

Also in terms of partnerships comes Independence vs Consideration of others. Who I am in relationships? Do I lose myself? Am I able to maintain my independence and self-identity within one? Does their energy overpower yours?

How about the masculine and feminine balance in your relationships? Is your partner masculine and you are attempting to hold space for your own masculinity? Perhaps your partner's masculinity is pushing you into your feminine. (This has nothing to do with gender, btw.) If you are meant to embody the masculine and your partner is pushing you into your feminine, this can be really uncomfortable. Every relationship whether platonic or romantic has a balance of masculine and feminine within it. Feeling drawn to someone who is feminine and ready to step more fully into your masculine role? This is coming up for some. It also displays itself through giving and receiving which are masculine and feminine traits.

Libra is all about balance and compromise. These issues coming up may be tipping the scales enough for you to want to take action on things you've been inactive on for a while. It's about time for some of you. (Angels love their puns.)

You want their attention? Take proper action. Don't pull on their energy and do not allow them to pull on yours. 

REAL LOVE THRIVES ON TRUTH. It's gonna come out this week. Make room for the process that happens afterwards. That movement you have been waiting for is here. Are you ready to receive? Ready for more happiness? The scales are tipping for a reason. Tis the season for being on a higher timeline. One that is more fulfilling. Check out my YouTube video on the Particle Convergence if you wanna know more about the higher timelines coming online.

In Light, Theresa

Welcome to Libra season and the Sword of Truth

The month of October began with some truth coming out. Some weren't prepared. Welcome to Libra season. Libras are your truth tellers and truth is the virtue governed by the Green Ray of Light. The 5th Ray. I will say this, if you get a Libra or a Green Ray individual upset enough to deliver truth to you in a harsh way, you've likely gone too far. Libras and Green Rays both carry the Sword of Truth and you see this depicted often in the Queen of Swords card in tarot. Not all Libras are green rays, but they do work with Truth as one of their attributes.

Archangel Michael and the Divine Compass

Archangel Michael has been speaking a lot about the Divine Compass lately. The internal compass we all have of inner knowing, of truth, our inner guidance system, that gut feeling. It is never broken, but some do attempt to walk away from it for a time when focused on fear. We are given time frames for completion when soul contracts are up and when the compass is ignored or fear becomes a dominating factor, paralysis can set in. This can easily be shifted with your thinking. The earlier you take action when the inner pressure starts, that feeling and inner knowing it's time to shift, the easier the transition. For some of you, time to recognize the truth has come to a head. Remember, the compass is never broken. It is the human who walks away from the compass and beings creating distortions in their world of misbelief. Come back home.

In Light, Theresa

Finish Your Task List (Or At Least Work On The Ones That Matter Most)

If you have something that needs to get done that you've been putting off, now is a great time to do so because in a short time we will all be in new relationships, new jobs, new homes, or stone sort of new beginnings that will be our fun new source of focus which will otherwise delay completing the things you're wanting to get done. There's ample energy right now to get these projects and tasks at least started if not completed. These new fun beginnings will take up your focus and as a result there will be a ton of joy within the collective. No complaints there, right? So while the daydreams are playing in your mind of the future and the joy it's bringing (big dreams coming true), focus on getting some tasks finished will ya?

In these current energies, you're either in the flow of letting things go, or you're rebelling the new. Your focus is your choice. The new is coming either way and you can shift focus at any time.

In Light, 

A Message From The Trees

This fall season (in the northern hemisphere) is going to be an active one and the trees have a message for you this morning during this time of transition. Many of the leaves of trees in the northern hemisphere are changing color and will begin to fall from their branches. These leaves are dieing. These trees relay the message that its the season of letting go of things that are dieing that need to. Things that no loner serve us. Jobs, commitments, relationships, old contacts, homes. The message of the trees losing their leaves at this time is that they do not have concern for their loss. To trust the process and the cycles. Let go of the old. Its time. New leaves will soon form once more. Here's to the new!

In Light, Theresa



As mentioned in the most recent Energy Update video published last week, there has been anticipation of things getting ready to shift in the human collective. The energy supporting change and action is here this week of August 25th. Inner desires are coming to the surface, and you can no longer ignore them. You aren't meant to ignore them. These higher timelines are entering your life now and that means letting go of the old that is part of a lower vibrational timeline. You are finished with these lessons and suffering. Check out my Particle Convergence video on YouTube if you want to know more about the new timelines in detail.

This time ushers in energy that highlights a new passion for goals. Finances tend to improve with this energy, and truth comes to light. take a deep breath. This is a good thing. When this truth comes to light, it will spark change. This is the catalyst week you have been waiting for. This is the transformative week you have been waiting for that will shift the anticipation. When issues come to the surface this week, know it is time to take action. Some of you may find yourselves speaking first and thinking later. These words are there to help you shift out of the areas where you have felt stuck to make room for the things you desire and the things you desire will move quickly into your sphere.

You might be surprised that you will not need much time to reflect on what you're leaving behind and relief will be present for all involved. There's nothing wrong if you do choose to take time to process, I mean to mention that you have been ready for things to shift for some time and the body/mind will move on quickly because there will not be much regret. I see action, doves, olive branches, free speech, and news moving in swiftly. Here is to a week of great action.

Remember your tools. Call on your angels, hire a healer for support, and also breathe. This is a great week for using the violet flame (yes, there is a course on that). Pick up my favorite Violet Flame Decrees here to help shift things for you.

This is a huge time of new beginnings that will continue into October. Try not to focus on what you are losing. It will best serve you to focus on what you are gaining.

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In Light, Theresa

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