Call to action for fires in california

josephine wall elementals.jpg

There is a lot of action in the elemental kingdom that governs fire right now in southern California. This is displayed through the wildfires you might be aware of. The elementals are highly responsive to human intention.

This means you can help.


Please feel free to envision the following as I am doing. It is all based on intention. No special psychic powers needed. Your intention and imagination are power enough.

* Talk to the water elementals (called Undines). Ask them to assist with the fires.

* Become one with the water element. Visualize the clouds gathering to provide rain for the fires.

* Merge with the element of fire (called Salamanders.) Lend them your inner peace. See them responding in great calm. See the fires calming down.

* Breathe with the element of air (called Sylphs.) See and feel the winds shifting the smoke out of the area, but no longer fueling the fires. Ask them to assist in ushering in the rain clouds

* Give your prayers up for the people already affected.

* Ask that all people, homes and disaster relief responders are safe. Give support to all volunteers and agencies assisting.

If you know how to use the light body to shield a home, yourself, or a physical space from fire, please use it. I otherwise will teach you this for free if you live in the area. (Inbox me if you live in Southern California.)

InLight, Theresa

Art credit: "The Elementals" by Josephine Wall

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InLight, Theresa

Angel Blessings!


Angel Blessings!

This week has been filled with inspiration and creativity. There is a lot of love in the air and I wanna tell you about it. 

Tuesday I was inspired to create an Angel Blessing for the Home. I love providing Angel Blessings and they reminded me this morning that people might like one for their home during the holidays. So, I created an offering for that here.

After I had added the first blessing to my website, more and more ideas came through. I managed to create 15 Angel Blessings with guidance from the Angels and Beings of Light within just a few hours! Sometimes their guidance just flows. I really think you will like them.

Please head over to my website to check them all out if you have not already. They're super affordable. All of my other offerings are still available as tabs in the top of the page menu.

You might have also noticed that my home page has changed. It now shows 15 Angel Blessings on the front page. I wanted something affordable and something anyone could use as soon as it's ordered. The blessings begin the moment your order goes through. Plus, the energy in the photos is amazing.

One of my favorite Blessings the Angels guided me to create is the one for support with Astrological Events and Planetary Energies. It helps clear any karma that might be related to situations and things that come up during these times. Mercury is headed into retrograde and there is a blessing for that. The shadow phase was felt greatly today while trying to create these.

Another blessing I like is the General Blessing for Birthday blessings and Anniversaries. You can use it for anything.

I think they are great in bundles and as gifts for loved ones. Perhaps print the order confirmation and offer a Blessing as stocking stuffer or two. If you note it in the order, they can be redeemed for future use too.

Please feel free to click reply and let me know which ones you like the idea of most. The email comes straight to myself and my team.

In Light, Theresa

PS It has been a blast riding around in my EV car at night all lit up, exchanging joy with others. I wrote about that in my last email. If you missed that, read more about that here.

Ascension Art credit: Brigitte Jost

Would You Like An Angel Home Blessing?

brigitte jost - house blessing.jpg

This image shows you what it looks like when the Beings of Light arrive with Blessings for your home. This is something included in your 30 Days of Light if you ever order that from my website.

Beginning this holiday season, I am offering Angel Home Blessings. Would you like the Angels to be with you this holiday season? It is also available as a gift for your loved ones.

You can order an Angel Home Blessing here.

For a full list of Angel Blessings, click here.

InLight, Theresa

Art credit: Brigitte Jost

Angelic Blessings of Abundance

angel of abundance brigitte jost.jpg

Have you heard of ascension art? There are artists who paint the Beings of Light and their associated Rays. When you look at the images, you receive Light, Healing, and Blessings. You might feel the energy enter in through your crown chakra, for those who are sensitive to energy.

This is the Angel of Abundance by Brigitte Jost. This Angel is of the 5th Ray of Light (green). When you look upon this image, you receive Blessings, Upgrades, and Healing Light of Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth.

This is one of the Rays of Light you receive in 12 Rays 12 Days and 30 Days of Light.

For a full list of Angel Blessings, click here.

InLight, Theresa

Light It Up!

Calling all LIGHTWORKERS! Light it up!

A dream finally came true with the help of my friends who were amazingly helpful. So grateful for collaborations like these!

This is my electric car with about 2k LEDs all over it. I've wanted to do this for ages.

What is also important about this photo is that it is the first time my toroidal field has been photographed. I also have never seen one photographed at night. You see the green (5th Ray) of Light and the blue (1st Ray) of Light here. Archangels Raphael, Mother Mary, Michael and Faith are present in this photo. There are other pieces of Light Geometry present here that I have never seen before.

So many fun experiences here about how teamwork and community coming together in the name of collaboration can be really fun. You don't have to do it alone, unless you want to and how shining your LIGHT can bring a smile to us all. We all benefit when we shine our Light and all it takes is one.  If you doubt that, come ride through town with me at night in this car! It's so fun.

Life is SO GOOD. May you have great friends and support in your life that helps your dreams come true. May your light shine brightly!

InLight, Theresa

Thank you

thank you.jpg

Thank you. Because of you, everything is possible. You are everything. Use coupon code THANKFUL for 20% off any order. Good through Monday night.

I Just LOVE Lee Harris

This. I was just explaining to someone last night about these very things. Spirituality is not to be treated as a hobby. It isn't something you practice one day a week and not everyone is interested in whether you channel. As a balance, I love keeping friends who are from all walks of life. Who aren't friends with me for my gifts and honestly some aren't even interested in what I do. I love this. Lee words things so perfectly. I still talk through these issues with some frustration. Like no, you're not as WOKE as you think you are. When you use your spirituality, you realize none of that matters. And no, not all of you are meant to be teachers either.Thank you Lee for wording things the way you do. 

Some honesty...

the spirit of flight - josephine wahl.jpg

Some honesty...

What I have to say is important. My work is important. Your support is important. Loving my work first and foremost over anything else is important. So too is feeling safe.

Something that I love about Youtube is that I get to create content and I really love video format. I love working with the Beings of Light. I love watching people transform and I love watching the light bulb go on. I love break throughs. I love speaking truth. I love teaching about the Rays of Light. I love meeting Kali and Pallas Athena who show me another side of the Divine Feminine and Divine Mother that isn't always the mother we want but certainly the mother we sometimes need. I love that I got some real discussions started on the Universal Law of Free Will choice. I have so much more that the Beings of Light want to share with you. Thats excites me.

What I do not love and have had enough of is cyber bullying. Especially from people who do not like what I have to say. That shit is real. I wish that the only people that showed up were those interested in truth, but that isn't always the case.

Spirit warned me before that fateful day when the Beings of Light gave me 2 days to get my first YouTube video up, that things might get intense in terms of scrutiny. I had no idea how big that scrutiny would get. Two weeks in and my words are publicly criticized before 200k people. There was no welcome party by people that saw me as competition and who sent me their trouble clients who had the nerve to email me to let me know they did so.

Sometimes people ask why I am defensive or irritable. People don't like their beliefs challenged (which I rarely ever did on purpose) and the way some have reacted has left me at times in a corner crying in complete shock from nervous system overload. Psychic and emotional attack through projection is real. I didn't sign up for that but understand it happens.

I knew this stuff would trigger some. I don't show up all syrupy with rainbows and butterflies. Ok, I have those too. But seriously, Archangels Michael and Metatron showed me new levels of protection and shielding just before it all started. I laugh when people say oh use a bubble of white light. Ya, if you knew the levels of protection they taught me...that's child's play. It helped and still does. But nothing prepared me for the level of attack at such a personal level. Emails. Energetically. Spiritual Warfare is real and some people take to that when triggered. I get it, but I will not process your things for you. Neither one of us signed up for that.

I often choose my words wisely so that I can bypass the triggers and the programming that runs the ego. It takes work and I cannot always bypass everyone's minefield.

I find I am most open to my gifts and to deliveirng messages from Spirit when I feel safe. I don't feel safe on YouTube. I don't really like it here on Facebook and I prefer the realness of Instagram, yet it too has its issues, especially with spam.

When I provided a series of videos for 13 weeks within a closed group for my Intro to the Rays of Light class this year, I felt safer. I opened back up. I weeded out the Light Thieves and those there for the wrong reasons. Spirit mentioned to me it was important to work with paying members only back in January. Trolls and Light Thieves are far less likely to pay to abuse you.

There are days I consider most seriously giving this work up. I am very serious about that because it is intense. I've spoken to other people who are way more public and successful than me who deal with the same level of attack and seem to manage to show a happy face on camera. No one is really talking about this so I AM. My vulnerability always shines through. There's anticipation of the coming attacks often when I film and I miss the innocence of my work. Like my young friend Emma says, animals smell fear. Yes, yes, they do. Emma is wise.

I know my work is profound. I'm not ashamed to say that. I know what level of Light I work with. I know where my work is going. I know phases for me are ending and new ones are beginning.

Things are about to shift and I will be making an announcement in the next few days in terms of where my work is going. Most likely, this week or next. Be on the look out for that announcement. I hope you will like it. For the time being, I am taking a break from social media. I of course am offering 1:1 sessions and proving Light Transmissions (distance healing energy for those that don't know). Referrals are always welcome.

I have a couple coupons coming out for Thanksgiving weekend. You can use them Friday through Monday this week. Use code THANKFUL. No, it doesn't work yet.

For those who show up in support, I AM grateful. It is your support that allows me to continue to do this work.

InLight, Theresa

Image credit: Josephine Wall

Shifting Your Reality

shift in reality.jpg

I was having a conversion on success recently with someone upset that theirs wasn't being celebrated. Spirit's first question to them was...whose successes are you celebrating around you, ESPECIALLY those you see as your competition? The second was...who do you keep around you that are as successful as you are? Because this person usually keeps people around them that only celebrates them, not that they're not great people in their own right. Spirit likes to ask questions to get you thinking about how you created your current reality and how you can shift it.

This is why I love Lightwork.

Oh The Realness

Oh the realness....png

Some realness...

I was having a conversation with a friend who is getting really real on her professional Instagram profile about her life. No facades. No bullshit. Letting all the messy bits about her and her business shine through. Definitely zero editing. We're discussing how some of our realest posts get sometimes no likes or comments. But the overjoyed ones authentic or not, get all the likes. I appreciate her realness. For me, a person's realness always shines through, but that's what I see in people, their Light and their Shadows at levels way below the surface. It's interesting watching the internal voiceover of society and ancestors past and the fear when getting so real or posting about discussions about getting real. However, by doing so and especially publicly you give a voice and permission for others to do the same. Don't wait until the fear has passed. Feel the fear and do it anyway. These are important conversations.

InLight, Theresa

New Moon. New Words. CLEAN SLATE.

new moon.jpg

New moon. New words. Clean slate.

So at the full moon, many of you spoke truth that brought about a big closure and for some that conversation continues. It was the conversation that closed doors. Ones that have not served you for some time now.

This new moon is activating the energy needed to have conversations about truth that Opens Doors in relationships. These will be much more positive conversations.

I knew this month was promising. Slow, yet still shifting out of stagnation.

Do you have a conversation in mind? A door you're ready to open? A relationship you wanted to pursue that you perhaps believe(d) to be out of your reach or too good to be true? Its been brewing for some of you for the past couple of months, but the energy has really accelerated and the decision to take action on making the conversation happen (or be on the receiving end of such a conversation) has come to a head since the full moon.

Some of you may be feeling the "hurry up already" kinda energy and that is ok. Give it a day or two. The doors are opening for you in terms of relationships. Balance is available. What kinds of relationships? It varies from person to person. Some it's love, some it's career, some it's crossing all kinds of categories. I personally feel it's mostly love relationships for those reading this.

Here's to opening doors. Let me know how your new moon goes. Here's to new love, balance, and clean slates. It's like a giant deep breath is coming over the next two weeks. Let me know how it impacts you.

InLight, Theresa

Death of the Love and Light Brigade


Let's talk about the shift in Lightwork and the birth of the true LIGHTWORKER. I find it interesting when people judge emotions and place limitations on what and how people can express themselves. The days of the Love and Light Brigade are over folks and THANK GOD for that. ONLY GOOD VIBES HERE?'re leaving out an entire facet of emotions and humanity. It's a lot of things that get repressed, hence how humanity got to where it is. People are so afraid of Scorpio energy. It's not all love and light. Folks are gonna get uncomfortable with some TRUTH over the next year (or coming years for that matter) as long as you only acknowledge the happy vibes. Shadows exist. Welcome to the Universal Law of Polarity. If you're thinking dualistically, of course you would judge heaviness and emotions as negativity, etc. This is the same thing as only liking the happy posts from people on Facebook. What I love about Instagram lately is how real it is getting with the content creators. REAL LIGHTWORK includes shadow hunting. They're not expressing only joy, for that is a facade. Ignoring shadows, shadowy emotions, or shadow work does not make it go away. In Light of Dr.'s that workin' for ya?


Alternate Perspectives


Sometimes life requires a little flexibility and a fresh perspective provides a newness to the world around us. There's a lot happening and beauty to be found. <3 Here's to beautiful distractions. Energies have been somewhat intense for some since yesterday, sprinkled with words of truth that might have been expressed more sharply than usual. It's ok. I'm taking some time out today too. Today's not the day for completing tasks on the to do list. How are you feeling? Does it all seem upside down to you?

Image credit: @plotagraphpro

Make A Wish

make a wish.jpg

Make a wish! It's 11:11 on 11/11!

What is so special about these numbers? It's the 11/11 Gateway/Portal. It's an angel number. It represents ascension for some. Raising in frequency for others. 1111 carries a lot of different meanings and all of them are special in their own way. Oh and it's also Veteran's Day today in America. Thank you for your service, folks.  For those that do not know, I am a war veteran (albeit one who managed to reverse a whole lotta military programming.) 

For me...ever since I was little, the Angels (who are all about helping wishes come true) would say, "Make A Wish!" whenever I see the numbers. I would also go into the backyard to play and chat with plants. The dandelions would ask me to pick them and each seed would be a wish. The dandelions grow near those who can benefit from them, as they help detoxify the liver. How cool is that?

Here's to you and however you celebrate 11:11. Here's to your many wishes coming true, it's a great time for that.

In Light, Theresa

24 hours of healing light (donation based healing)

30 Days of Light.jpg

The downloads and new planetary energies continue from last week as things shift to bring in new timelines into our 3D realities. For the past week or so people have felt headachy and others are having trouble sleeping. This is common for the current influx of energies mentioned in the last post. 

This morning, I felt inspired to create an option for you to receive some distance healing for 24 hours at a price that you choose.

So for those needing some temporary distance healing energy or wanting to know what the Rays of Light feel like...Donate $5 or more at the link below and Theresa will send you the healing Rays of Light for the next 24 hours. It covers emotional and physical wellness. Super helpful for integrating the Rays of Light entering the planet and astrological transits. Or just cuz you wanna feel good. 

Wanna know more about how the Rays of Light work? Looking for 30 Days of Light? Click Here.

Healing begins the moment you send your donation of $5 or more. Click the button below to get started.

A Major Energy Download

lake banff.jpg

Many of the human collective have been gathering physically and on higher planes (such as dream state and in meditation) to Banff, Canada where the Sacred Retreat of the First Ray of Light is on the etheric planes (meaning you cannot see it with regular eyes, on the 3rd eye.) It is located in the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise to be specific. Some of you have visited there and know of it's blue waters. (You can learn more about the specifics of the Rays of Light in my Intro to the Rays of Light Course on my website.) This is the sacred retreat where the Beings of Light of the 1st Ray (cobalt blue) gather to provide sacred downloads, sacred light teachings, and guidance to Lightworkers. Lately it has been about areas we have been experiencing difficulties, lack of faith, and doubts. Archangel Michael and Faith personally met with many about these issues leading right up to the full moon.


I started to pick up on the collective meeting in this area a lot over the past month or so and knew something big was about to shift further. And it did.


As of the full moon this Saturday, there was a massive energy download that was a bit bigger than others I usually write about. I knew this full moon in Taurus was the beginning of things shifting into a new, fresh paradigm for many. (See previous post for what the moon covered.) The bodies of many had a physical reactions right up til now that included elation, inspiration, new ideas of all kinds and in all areas. Ones that will be successful. Some had vivid dreams and messages from loved ones passed over. Everything warranting your attention came up. About 14 hours after the official time of the full moon, things internally began moving out of the way on a physical level. My energy healers know and see what I am referring to in their sessions and this weekend it happened on a massive collective scale. PM me if you need more details on how this works. So, some of you physically felt headaches, pressure in the 3rd eye, pineal gland, and blocks or energy moving in the top of the head (crown area). Some felt it in the heart and 3rd chakra. These are all of the areas where there has been blocks are being opened up to bring in the higher frequencies. Emotions might have come up. Anything suppressed in terms of personal needs not being met. Things have started to move out for you to bring you into alignment energetically and physically with the new paradigm we have created on a higher dimension for ourselves. This means greater abundance, new relationships, new jobs, everything you could feel approaching this full moon brought in the new frequencies and Rays of Light to help move that along. This is what happens when you sign up for a healing session, the blocks move. If you would like to receive some energy to help support these shifts, click like or types YES below. I am really excited about this month's chain of events and what we have further put into motion. We're leaving the old timelines behind. How are you feeling?

InLight, Theresa