When keys go missing


Want another fun story?

I have a spirit guide on my ascension team that is a playful type that does interesting and slightly nefarious things. He loves to make me laugh by putting dog food in my shoes. I don't have a dog anymore btw and he still does the dog food surprise from time to time. One other thing he does is hide the keys from someone who is about to do something I would find offensive or unkind. Today he hid them from my ohana neighbor. It comes as a warning right before they do something not nice so I know to not trust them as much and to keep stories to myself. The longer the keys are missing, the more offensive their actions might be. These people always let me know their keys are missing too.

If my keys go missing, I always think, ok who could I have been more kind to today or mindful of my actions impeding upon? Then if something comes to mind and I remedy it, my keys reappear.

Also, owls show up right before these situations when hidden character comes to light. There's been a few owl sightings today. Sure enough some things came to light. I appreciate the warnings. I really am grateful for kind people in my life and for spirit guides that have my back.

What kinds of signs do your spirit guides give you?

the Butterfly migration and the season of miracles

Butterflies hold a special meaning for me. The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the first book I read. I see them right before wonderful things come into my life. I asked the Universe to deliver the yearly migration from Mexico through the Texas Hill Country when I was 19 and the Universe delivered when it usually travelled a couple hundred miles more west. (This video is of a more recent migration and there are soooo many butterflies for days.) I saw a documentary on these a couple days after my dog crossed over about a year ago. When I see this image, it's him saying hi and also synchronicity of each butterfly representing all of the many blessings coming to my life. I welcome each and every blessing.

Spirit calls this the week of miracles. Here's to miracles and blessings coming into your life. <3

I am willing to negotiate but I don't do free


Rant time.

There are ethics in what I do. I also am very good at what I do. Some people who use healing as a hobby like to keep their gift wide open all day. That is their choice. Given the nature of my gifts, I enjoy having contrast of just enjoying being in my body. Buying toilet paper without tuning into every energy around me. This means that sometimes I enjoy being present in nature or very focused on the steps I am taking on a tough trail on the west side of the island without someone asking me for intuitive advice. This contrast of not using my gifts except during sacred ceremony is very important to me. I use protocol to open and close my gifts and make contact with Source and the Beings of Light on your behalf. It can take seconds to do but it also takes energy. It opens up multiple dimensions at once.

I love to talk about what I do and how I can help someone but it is also my profession. It is not a hobby. There are days that I offer free healing in a Facebook group when I see it could touch the masses. But please also understand that it is because I choose to offer that. Becoming my friend and EXPECTING me to offer my gifts to you for free or manipulating me into conversation so you can grab my Light, while I understand you have needs....so do I. I respect my gifts and I respect that I have bills to pay. Never do I ask my friends to use their gifts for free, whether it is accounting, a car rental, marketing, yoga, or whatever it is they are gifted at. They may offer when they see I need it, but they also know I respect the Law of Exchange.

It offends me that people assume that in the realm of intuition and healing work that you can demand it for free. Sure I have healed cancer in an hour. My favorite clients do not complain that it cost them $220 when the alternative is thousands of dollars to the medical industry plus the after effects of chemo and radiation. I can put you in touch with your life partner, but not for free. I can create miracles for you and teach you how to create them yourself. But not for free, folks.

My point is please do not ask me to do this work for free. If i offer it for free when I know you are suffering, that is something different. I have flexibility in my payment plans and pricing. But do not demand it. I don't do that to you with your profession. You can't walk into Macy's and demand free clothing. They'll laugh you out of the store.

Other healers may have different (or zero) boundaries with this, but this is Source energy I work with. This is life force energy that comes with Universal Laws. If you want to learn to hold this much Light, I can teach you. There is a term called a Light Thief. Don't be one.

To those who understand the Universal Law of Reciprocity, thank you.

(I do have a class on Universal Laws.)

InLight and Integrity, Theresa

I'm in love

isis oracle.jpg

This is the ISIS deck by Alana Fairchild. I had the opportunity to connect with this deck a few days ago and the symbology in the deck is amazing!

So...anyone wanna send me a deck of cards in exchange for a reading? DM me.

Archangels Sandalphon and Patiencia

peach ray - nicole paretti.jpg

So for those new to my account, one of my gifts is seeing angelic light in photography. Usually only those of angelic lineage have the ability to catch these images. This is a very distinct image of Archangel Sandalphon and his counterpart Patiencia. Peach ray angels of patience, balance, and harmonious relationships. <3 You'll also see her toroidal heart field and a very slim ray of white light (peace) coming through the right side of the angelic orb. The peach ray is the perfect balance of yellow (joy, illumination) and pink (unconditional love).

This is what i see floating around people. And when the angels show up its just a quick flash. This is their Light body that they're traveling in and the color is the Ray of Light they're from, so if you see a colored orb flash, it's angels in their Light vehicle. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Photographer unknown


How Can I Support You Today?

Hi My Loves,

I am so happy to be in touch with you right now. As I write this I can feel the collective of wonderful humans reading this. I want to thank you for helping me to feel supported by supporting you. It's also why I wanted to reach out to you. A few things have shifted for the better with more flexibility. So we can work together more.

I want to know how you are. What areas can I support you in?

Do you want help with healing from the flu? Would you like to experience more miracles in your life? Is it spiritual mentorship? Are there patterns in your relationships you would like to see resolved? Would you like someone to show you areas your business can make more money? How can I help you?

I also want to hear what you would like to see in terms of support. Are there videos you would like guidance on? Does a healing group on Facebook appeal to you? All of these things are available to you.

Finances are another thing shifting. I feel there are some of you looking for support but money might be tight? I want you to know that things have shifted here too. There are prices on my website and that is it's value but I want you to contact me and we can chat about prices. I want to help and also feel supported in my work, too.

There's a big shift happening in terms of work right now. There's more joy and it's easier. Many are drawn to serve more people this year and in ways that reach more people. I definitely can relate to that. I wanna bring you some of that Kauai love.

I want to connect with you more. I have some times open for some sessions, to connect, to heal, and provide distance energy from Source. If you would like to connect more with the Angels and Beings of Light, we can discuss way to do that. There are so many options. Let's brainstorm together on options, ya?

Whether you want to connect by email, phone, Skype or Zoom...I have room for that right now. Today.

Email me. Click the CONTACT ME button. Find me on Facebook. We can talk on the phone too about what you need help with if you live in the states.

I'm here. Let's support one another. I mean it, get in touch.

Lots of Love, Theresa

PS Another great way to support one another is referrals. If you know someone interested in my work would you mind sharing this with them? There's discount codes available for both of you.

PISCES Season = Miracle Season

We are about to walk into the season of Pisces and it is going to be quite magical for all of us! (I am excited because my rising sign is in pisces.) This magical time of miracles begins this week. You'll see the most miracles now through the 25th of February in areas you've been feeling coming for perhaps a few weeks now. You'll learn of the miracles now through the end of February and see them manifest all throughout the month of March. Great job releasing what you did over the eclipse by the way!

So Jesus has a sense of humor...

Yup it's true and He's been around a lot this week. Which is usually a sign for me. For those that don't know, I am a psychic channel for about 166 Beings of Light to include Jesus. We've speak like old pals. Might shock some of you that he's funny and we get cheeky. The things we talk about are serious enough, so he is helping me Lighten up (get it? - their humor)

The first time I saw him in adult life after many years of only verbal communication (my choice that they respected), I was like, "Oh Jesus you're short!" He laughed. I was not expecting to see him when he showed up. He was letting me know he heard what I was thinking about. People, you are never alone. I can assure you they hear you and are with you.

 and what things to offer people to assist them in life to help reduce suffering. These things when provided for large groups of people shifts the frequency on the planet.

Jesus is from the 2nd Ray of Light that is yellow, representing Christ Consciousness (no relation to the name - something we all can achieve), joy, illumination, clarity, and understanding. A great ray to help you with studies or clarity in life in general. He also helps me out with healing people in groups. ESPECIALLY this week. He also mentions things to create and what things to offer people to assist the collective to assist them in life to help reduce suffering. These things when large numbers respond and use to raise their frequency will then raise the frequency of the planet. Yes the are things I offer as a service to sell (because I do have rent to pay and there is such a thing as fair exchange.)

Today He was around again and I'm like, "You're around a lot lately. Good to see you, is something happening on the planet I should know about?" He gets cheeky and is like what day of the week is it? I'm like Tuesday and he looks at me. I blink. He shows me an image of an overweight individual, which means nothing to me. He says,"What day is tomorrow?" I say,"Valentine's!" He laughs. It's Ash Wednesday and it took me a minute to realize that he's not here to help with the group healing I am offering in Mike Dooley's FB group and it's not about Valentine's day, well not totally.

I reminded him I did not grow up Catholic so I didn't know what the religious importance was. Of course it takes me a second and Mary Magdalene walks in and she's like,"it's Fat Tuesday and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday." Part of why they are here is to kind of chuckle at the irony of Valentine's Day coupling up (their very ironic words) with a day in the church. Something about being good at church in the morning, then being scared of being seen by God as naughty at night and that guilt might be in the collective tomorrow night more than usual for those coupled. I say hey if they have someone to be with, they might just be the envy of those who wish they had someone. It's a figure of speech. I don't actually encourage envy. Don't worry, they are not judging you.

Valentine's can come with a lot of pressure. No sweat there though because this generation is making it more about love, especially self pampering kind of love. I think that is great and it is something that is becoming more popular in the collective in case you are interested. Any physical form of self pampering like baths, massages, bath products and spiritually aware body products like Herbivore and Living Libations. This self love on V-Day is really self empowering.

If you are struggling with the pressures of this day, missing someone, or want some love, know that the Beings of Light are with you. This post is infused with the Ryas of Light and the pink ray is blanketing you now with the Divine Love that you deserve in whatever way you wish to experience it...be it motherly, romantic, or self love. Jesus and Mary Magdalene want you to know they are with you, reuniting the inner masculine and feminine within you, helping you to remember what unity and wholeness feel like.

And that heart stuff he's portrayed with? That's 3 fold flame related and we can touch base on that another day. They will be fluffing those up for you today too. Here's to healing.

PS. There's also a spray for that. Check that out here.

My choice of ascension art and branding image (why its not my face)

So I break the rules. Ok just the ones that aren't universal ones. Usually when you brand yourself, you use an image of your face. I broke that rule...or at least I am for now. I instead use ascension art that benefits you and also integrated the Rays of Light I work with. That colored light that is Source energy.

Some people ask why I chose the art that I did for my work and it is an ascension piece of art which means it's healing and energetic in its application. The intention of this one is to connect you to the center of the earth. It is grounding you through the Rays of Light of Source energy of feminine energies of faith (light blue), love (light pink), peace (white), ascension (also white), joy and illumination (light yellow), and divine alchemy (light violet). On the outskirts of the image when not cropped, you see the cobalt blue which the Ray providing protection (in the masculine expression.) When you look into the center of the image, it is the same as looking down between your feet at the ground when standing and seeing your hara line, your soul connection to source and aligning with the earth. Grounding through the feminine. When you do this, it brings your manifestations into physical reality. This art is the creation of fellow Lightworker, Melchizedek, and Keylontic Science Wisdom and Codekeeper Sequoia Arayas.

aligning with earth.jpg

Healing With Rose Quartz

rose quartz palm stone.jpg

I just posted a new video in the Rays of Light Healing Membership Group here on Facebook It's called "Healing With Rose Quartz." One of my rose quartz pieces stepped forward recently and asked if she could be featured in a video.

If you want to join the group, you can sign up here.

It's just in time for Valentine's Day and she mentions that you could also place her in the bath with you if you enjoy self care baths.

The above mentioned video is also found on Vimeo here.

Wanna card drawn for you?

art of life.JPG

Comment yes below. I'm pulling from the Art of Life Tarot deck.

Things like LIVE CARD READINGS are offered in the monthly Rays of Light Group. Just thought I might add that part! Sign up here.

Signs From Spirit


Signs from Spirit... First a shirt that says "She believed she could so she did." Then came across a journal that says "Believe." THEN the signs on the ground made the form of the light body/ merkaba /light vehicle and include the hara line...and then a woman seeing me take a picture of the ground asks if I "can make light" (she was asking for a lighter.) Lots of irony. Seriously all messages within 5 minutes.

Spirit says if you're not sure which direction to choose... Choose up! Ask for what you want and even if you're not sure how, just believe. Spirit says they believe in you. ❤ (Sometimes I need reminders too)

Have you seen any signs lately?

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you tube live.jpeg

So we're going LIVE today on my YouTube Channel about LOVE. This is February after all and it is something big in the collective right now...

If you seek out only one way, one person, one vessel for your desired result to arrive, you by default block out other opportunities for your goal to arrive. You might not even realize that these opportunities are in your sphere of existance. This is why where you place your focus is so powerful. YOU are powerful. Let go of the how. Let go of the who, what, where, when, why. Let go of the egoic attachment of what kind of relationship it is, whether a label of that relationship makes you more advanced spiritually. This is fear of not being valuable, folks. EVERY relationship is important. Be open to how things arrive. This especially applies to LOVE.

Want to take your power back? Wanna release your past and create the future you want? Want more love in your life? Want to release the pain of the past to bring in a new lover or repair the one you are in? This is for you.

Let's YouTube live about this. Today 3pm HST/ 8pm EST.

Distance healing is included. Bring your water bottles, they will get infused with healing Light, too.


InLight, Theresa


Hi Guys,

I have a group distance Light/healing session happening here on Kauai every Thursday night from 645-8pm HST. Doors open at 630pm. (Contact me for location.)

If you are off island (living somewhere else in the world) and wish to receive this Light by distance, you can do so by donating $20 or more here:


Once you have donated, I will get a notification and will confirm that you will be part of the healing session.

No phone call, webinar, or tech of any kind is needed. If your name is on the list, you will be included. I thought of this idea last week and thought I might reach out to you. All of those part of the 30 Days of Light program are automatically included in these more depth weekly sessions.

Let me know if I can clarify anything else for you.

Lots of Love, Theresa