Angel Blessing (General)

Brigitte-Devaia-Jost blessing fairy.jpg
Brigitte-Devaia-Jost blessing fairy.jpg

Angel Blessing (General)


Would you like to receive an Angel Blessing but not sure which one to choose? Want the Angels to send you blessings where it is needed most? If so, then, this is for you.

You can hear Theresa speak about Angel Blessings and how they work here.

This one is great for Birthdays, Celebrations, and Anniversaries. If you have a family you wish to send a blessing to, this is a great one to choose.

If you would like to purchase one for your loved ones as a gift, that is an option. Please purchase one per person.

No address is needed. Mentioning it is for your friend, aunt, love partner, etc is all the Angels and Theresa need to know at check out. Privacy is always respected.

The Angels and Rays of Light associated with each blessing begin assisting you (or who you purchased it for) the moment your order goes through. Blessings work similarly to prayers, and includes healing energy.

Ascension Art credit: Brigitte Jost

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