12 Days 12 Rays

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12 Days 12 Rays


Want to experience 12 Rays of Light over 12 Days?

There are 12 Rays of Light in total that Humanity has access to on this planet and you will receive one Ray of Light each day in the order they were created by Source. This is pure Source energy in Light form.

This is different from 30 Days of Light, which offers you what ever Rays of Light you need over 30 days.

When you place you order, there is a pdf available for download. Please refer to it to know how to prepare to receive the Rays of Light each day. It includes a list of the Rays of Light.

Healing begins the day you sign up and ends 11 days later. This is a nice precursor to the full experience of the Intro to the Rays of Light Course (which is a separate purchase.) 

he full length 13 week long Intro to the Rays of Light Course mentioned above includes the activations and more detailed information about the 12 Rays (like what Angels are assigned, the history and personal stories of the Rays, and more.) Sign up for that here.

Please note: This purchase does not include a consultation with Theresa or feedback from her about your Rays of Light sessions. She works with you energetically, not 'in person.'

If you are curious about the history of the creation of the 12 Days 12 Rays, that is covered in the Energy Update for July/August 2017.

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The first day of receiving the Rays of Light,  I laid down and easily slipped into a meditative state. I could feel a gentle flowering in my heart chakra, which I didn't expect since I always expect heart chakra openings to hurt. This didn't hurt at all, it almost felt like I was floating on water and my chest was one of those lotus flowers and someone was gently opening the leaves. I got into the state between sleep and awake and felt a sweet presence around me. The flowering continued and gently expanded throughout my body. Soon after that I fell asleep. Each night after, I would meditate and then almost immediately fall asleep. I did dream, but I only remember one... where I was a mermaid who was saving humans. - Lauren (USA)