My experience with Theresa in intuitive and healing sessions have been life changing. I feet safe, understood, and guided through my challenges in a beautiful atmosphere of breath and depth of knowledge as well as incredible humility and sense of humour. Recently, I had a healing session with her which was incredibly touching and helped me move into a peaceful, balanced and loving space. I am grateful for her kindness, humility, and honesty. I am looking forward to learning more in our spiritual mentoring sessions with her. Wherever you are on your journey, she will help you navigate safely towards your goals. - Magdalena (Australia)


Signing up for the 30 Days of Healing was one of the best and most wonderful decision I've made. I had been struggling with being able to just feel and be in my own energy and as such was having trouble sleeping, feeling centered, and keeping my heart open. Throughout the 30 days, Theresa had helped me with all of that. My heart is open to love again, I sleep like a baby, and I wake up feeling so much peace and can go through the day enjoying my own energy. Thank you, Theresa! -Jackie (USA)


Sure love those 3 card readings on YouTube! I so enjoy her readings for she is a sweetie and a no-nonsense real talent! - Sheila (USA)


Compassionate, clear, authentic. Provides a supportive, safe space to tap into guidance in a loving, direct way. I am so grateful to have Theresa be a guide on my journey. - Rob (USA)


Theresa's healing came at the perfect time. I immediately felt a sense of calm and lightness when she began the healing. She removed my endometriosis pain.  And, even more impressively, I actually saw my home fill with a white angelic mist as she performed the session. It was easy to tell that my Angels were near. Thank you, Theresa, for a wonderful healing. - Maya Kahnah (USA)


I'd like to report that last night i had a full nights sleep and woke up very energized. I cannot tell you the last time I slept without waking up a gazillion times. Today i felt very relaxed and calm all day is great!!!! - LaQuisha (China) Her gifts and compassion will help guide you through. - Adrienne (USA)


This was very helpful. My elderly friend was unable to even speak and now she is having conversations and saying she feels much better. Thank you so much! -David (USA)


Over the 30 Days of Healing, I noticed that it became a lot easier to put herself first in terms of self care. It feels easier to stop and rest . I also am able to enjoy myself more because usually I go nonstop at everything. Something else is that I find it easier to pass on sweets in times of stress than normal. I recommend this package for those who wish to see things gently shift in their favor in life. Thank you so much for the healing energy, Theresa. -Dawn (USA) 


The healing session with Theresa was absolutely amazing and divine! There was so much healing and insights going on that I had trouble receiving it all at times and had to go back to it again and again. I think she is a fantastic gift to humanity and an amazing healer. I recommend her to anyone in the spiritual or twin flame community for their personal growth. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. -S.S. (UK)


Wonderful Angelic Prayer Session from Theresa. Beautiful sleep & beautiful energies. Thank you. -Cari Li (Argentina)


I participated in one of Theresa's distant energy healing one night, and I was blown away. It was starting at 2 am my time, and I had stayed up and went to bed maybe 1 minute before she started. I had just but laid down, when it was almost like someone tapped my third eye...and a shortly thereafter I felt the energies starting to flow. Very shortly after this, I felt the same feeling in my crown, as if someone had tapped my head and then that energy started flowing. I fell asleep after this, and woke up feeling very clear and calm. I had some specific things I asked to have released and healed, and I have to say I feel very connected and relieved afterwards. Thank you Theresa, this was a wonderful experience! -Barbro (Sweden)


Outstanding experience!!! I loved it. I feel good. -Isaac (UK)